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[team two] More than that

Just a little slice of life Kitayama/Totsuka.

"You wanna go out for dinner or have something delivered?"

Totsuka looks up from the book he's reading to the window. With the curtains open like this, he can see the rain being pushed around by the strong winds. "Delivery. You can choose where."

Kitayama hums in agreement before disappearing back into the kitchen, no doubt where he keeps the take out menus, and Totsuka goes back to his book. Having just come out of the rain, he's not exactly enthusiastic about going out again so soon. He's currently decked out in one of Kitayama's shirts and track pants, his own clothes hung up to dry. With a small smile, he breathes in deep to catch the hint of Kitayama's detergent. He's still smiling when Kitayama comes back into the living room holding his phone and comes to sit on the couch. He lifts Totsuka's legs before rearranging them to come rest across his lap.

He soothingly rubs the thumb of his free hand where it's resting on Totsuka's shin and Totsuka puts his book down in favor of staring at his...boyfriend. Totsuka almost has to laugh. It feels strange to refer to Kitayama as just his boyfriend when he feels like at this point, they're more than just that.

"Okay, ordered. Should be here in half an hour," Kitayama says, putting his phone down and then reaching up to stretch. When he relaxes back into the couch, he looks at Totsuka. "So you gonna let me in on what you were thinking just now?"

"Just that I think of you as something more than just a boyfriend."

Totsuka smiles, enjoying the way you can see Kitayama processing his words, from the surprise to the understanding to the change in warmth in his eyes. "Yeah?"

"Yeah," Kitayama repeats and leans in for a kiss. He stays close, resting his head on his shoulder and stretches his legs out along Totsuka's.

"I like your hair like this," Totsuka murmurs. He reaches out and touches the soft perm. "It suits you well."

"My group members reacted a bit differently."

"I did hear through the grapevine that you took a picture of Shori to the hair salon. A sempai sure, but Shori is 10 years younger than you. Really Hiromitsu," he fake admonishes him, but chuckles fondly while Kitayama whines with embarrassment. "I apologize. I won't make fun."

Kitayama pouts at him. "Even Yokoo-san made fun of me."

"There, there," he comforts and adds more pressure as he cards his fingers through the perm. "It looks good."

Kitayama wraps his arms around him and nuzzles his face along the side of Totsuka's neck. "I like it too," he admits.


Abrupt ending. I'm sorry! You're up faded_lace
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