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[Team Sonic] Lonely my heart

Words taken from "From the top"

Warning: mention of sex

A familiar and homely warmth settles in Luhan’s chest when he enters his shared apartment. Yixing and Jongdae should be home by now; they usually finish work before Luhan. The smell of already made food fills his lungs. When he enters the kitchen, his friends aren’t there. There’s food in a pan but the kitchen is turned off; bowls are served but the chairs are empty. Strange.

“Guys?” Luhan calls them.

There’s no reply. He heads to Yixing’s room first, as he’s usually the one to stay home the most. Luhan is used to hearing music coming from Yixing’s room. This time there’s nothing. He knocks and opens the door, but it’s empty. Then, he heads to Jongdae’s room.

A deep moan.

“Jongdae?” Luhan asks before opening the door.

It’s a mistake. The image that greets him is that of both of his friends naked and Yixing’s mouth filled with Jongdae’s cock.

“Ugh! My eyes!” He yells, covering his eyes.

Jongdae lets out a breathy chuckle. “Either leave and close the door or stay inside and enjoy the show, Luhan.”

“No, thanks!” He yells quickly.

There’s a muffled laughter that can only be Yixing’s followed by a wet pop sound. “Have dinner without us.” Yixing’s voice is hoarse.

Jongdae moans, and Luhan shuts the door loudly. Jongdae lets out a breathy laugh.

“I’ll be out here feeling lonely a miserable while you guys enjoy your sex,” he tells them, as he presses his forehead against the door, eyes closed. “I should call Minseok.”

Another deep moan. “Min‒ Ah! Minseok’s on a date with‒...ngh… Sehun.”

“Goddamit!” Luhan runs away from the door. “Can’t you just wait until I have my headphones on?” He shouts.

There are no other noises. He turns on the music on his phone and protects his ears from unwanted sounds. Sighing, Luhan heats up the cold food and takes a seat by himself. There’s a sad song coming from his headphones; he’s quick to change it.

It’s not jealousy; he doesn’t feel jealous. But he does feel left out ever since his roommates started hooking up.

First, it was Yixing who became Luhan’s friend. They bonded over being chinese foreigners in a different country. Then came Jongdae, when Luhan needed a korean tutor. After their friendship got comfortable enough, they decided to live together. It was a mistake, Luhan thinks as he looks back to how they used to spend all their time together and now they don’t.

It wasn’t a mistake, Yixing told him once. Jongdae took Luhan’s hand in his and comforted him when they announced their relationship to Luhan. They both refused to let Luhan leave the place so that they could live in privacy.

“Are you sulking?” comes Jongdae’s voice from the door to the kitchen.

Luhan turns around and finds his friend fully dressed, but with disheveled hair. There’s a glow on his cheeks, of someone who’s just had a nice orgasm.

“Please… don’t flaunt your sex life in front of me.” Luhan gestures at his hair.

Chuckling, Jongdae pats his hair down. “Sorry.”

Behind Jongdae, Yixing appears, shirtless. Luhan turns his face back to his bowl of rice, feeling his cheeks warming up. “Cover yourself, Yixing.”

“Oops…” says Yixing, not sounding apologetic at all.

“Did you leave any food left? Or did you eat it all out of spite?” Jongdae asks, walking to the check the pan. There’s a lot of food for the two of them.

“Hey! I’m not that kind of person!” Luhan whines pathetically.

Yixing walks past him, patting his head softly and making Luhan pout.

They talk about their days; they chat and eat and let dinner pass by quickly. And when they’re done, they watch a movie. Luhan especifically asks for one without a romantic sub-plot. The movie plays and there is a romantic sub-plot. Yixing laughs when it happens and pulls Luhan towards him, making him put his head on Yixing’s shoulder. Luhan whines quietly.

They say nothing after the movie ends. Luhan goes to sleep to his room, while Jongdae and Yixing head to Jongdae’s.

“Promise not to make too much noise.”

Jongdae laughs loudly. “I can’t promise anything.”

Yixing slaps the back of his head, and then turns to Luhan. “We promise.”

There are no more noises. But Luhan still can’t sleep. His bed feels cold and lonely. It’s pathetic. He tosses and turns until he comes to term that no position will help him sleep. Sighing, he turns on his stomach and smothers his face on the pillow.

He needs someone else to talk about this with. Minseok is probably getting laid by now, so he’s not an option. Then, he thinks of Zitao. His younger friend might be able to help; he’s far more mature than he seems. Luhan takes his phone and calls him.

“Zitao is not available right now,” says a woman’s voice.

“Uhm… when will he be free?” Luhan doesn’t dare to ask who she is.

A high moan is heard in the background.

“Oh, no! For fuck’s sake!” Luhan hangs up immediately and curses out loud.

He has no one left. He rubs his eyes with the heels of his palms.

Then, his phone rings.


“Hyung! Chanyeol and are wanted to watch a movie tonight. Do you wanna come?”

“I’m already in bed…” Why are they inviting him to their netflix and chill night?

“Oh…” Jongin sounds sort of disappointed. It moves Luhan’s heartstrings.

“I could get dressed and get there in twenty, though.”

“Yeah?” Jongin’s voice changes so quickly that it makes Luhan smile at his ceiling. “Sehun will be coming too… Maybe you can finally meet him this time.”

Luhan nods even though Jongin can’t see him. He’s heard great things about Sehun. He’s glad he’ll be there, so he won’t be third wheeling.

“That’d be great. Thanks for calling, Jongin. I’ll be right there.”

Luhan jumps off the bed and changes his clothes quickly. A text interrupts him. put on your black jeans ;) they make it look like you have a butt, comes Chanyeol’s text. Luhan looks down at his sweatpants. He realizes now what Chanyeol and Jongin are trying to do. He considers cancelling for a second, until he thinks better. It’s an opportunity he has to take.

Who knows? Maybe Sehun would be fun to hang around with. Maybe Sehun would be Luhan’s type. Maybe he’ll get a new friend. Luhan doesn’t know. But he sees the chance and he will take it.

Luhan rushes out the door, yelling to Yixing and Jongdae that he’ll be out. There’s a reply Luhan doesn’t get to hear. It’s doesn’t matter. He’s on his way to Jongin’s home.
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