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[team one] yule ball

I am late I'm sorry ;;

For Junmyeon, there’s no meal that’s as good as breakfast. Although this day was maybe a day out of the ordinary.

Junmyeon nibbled absentmindedly on a piece of toast, butter and jam lying forgotten next to him on the table, as his eyes were occupied with something much more important than spreads. Over at the Ravenclaw table, Jongin was leaning over the table, in front of Kyungsoo, a handsome smile spreading out on Jongin's face. They were too far away for Junmyeon to be able to hear what they talked about, not to mention that the chatter of several other students was effectively muting their voices as well. Junmyeon's grip on the toast tightened further as he saw Jongin lean further over the table, effectively covering Kyungsoo's face with his body.

Sighing, and with a pout on his face, Junmyeon sunk further back on the bench, placing the toast back on his plate, frowning at it.

“I take it as you still haven't asked Kyungsoo to be your date to the Yule Ball then,”

Junmyeon turned his face to the right – the direction where the voice had come from, although he knew who the voice belonged to. Next to him, Jongdae was helping himself to some cereal, pouring milk into the white bowl as he greeted Junmyeon with a grin.

“Don't you have cereal over at your own table,” Junmyeon asked gruffly, narrowing his eyes at the still-smiling Jongdae, who turned his back upon Junmyeon briefly to pull a book out of his bag. Junmyeon contemplated pouring some of the Swelling Potion he carried in his backpack, that was supposed to be delivered to professor Lau later that day, over Jongdae's face. He glanced quickly over to the teacher's table, noticing grudgingly that almost all their professors were present, which meant a bigger chance for him to be seen.

“Well you might wish you had,” Jongdae spoke up, cracking open his copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 4, balancing it against a mug of milk. “Because it looks like Jongin just got himself a date,”

Junmyeon's gaze went back to the Ravenclaw table, where Jongin were grinning sheepisly at a softly smiling Kyungsoo. The way Kyungsoo waved at Jongin as he left the Raveclaw table made Junmyeon's heart sink. Still pouting, feeling terribly sorry for himself, he put the last piece of toast into his mouth, chewing on it slowly while his thoughts churned around in his brain. He had noticed that Jongin and Kyungsoo had spent quite the amount of time together after the new term started, but he had never assumed that it was because they liked each other like that. And to be honest, Junmyeon had, since third grade thought that Kyungsoo had liked him.

“You only have yourself to blame, you know,” Jongdae spoke up, eyes still fixed on the book's pages. Junmyeon glared at Jongdae, his mind helpfully supplying that the Swelling Potion would do wonders to Jongdae's face. Just as Junmyeon leaned slowly towards his bag under the table, Jongdae looked up from his book and straight at him. Junmyeon swallowed loudly.

“Oh, cheer up already hyung,” Jongdae said, a frown visible on his face. Junmyeon pouted out of pure reflex. “I want to barf just by looking at your pathetic face. There are a lot of other boys at Hogwarts,”

A whirlwind of limbs chose that exact moment to land on the other side of the Gryffindor table, knocking the milk jug over, drenching Jongdae's book, as well as other liquids and spreads. Humongous eyes were staring at them, one eye partly covered by a droopy eyelid that made their owner look more or less drunk. This was supported by the wild mess of auburn curls that was adorning his head, as well as the ruffled state of his scarlet Quidditch uniform.

“Chanyeol what-” Junmyeon began, eyebrows furrowing as Chanyeol only mumbled a greeting before he grabbed a huge stack of pancakes, emptying an entire jar of blueberry jam over it before he plucked his fork from the table and started wolfing the pancakes down. Jongdae looked up in terror from his copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 4 which he was drying the pages of (due to Chanyeol spilling milk all over it) with warm steam erupting from the tip of his wand.

“Chanyeol-” Jongdae tried, voice in awe, eyes fixed on Chanyeol's cheeks; bulging with pancakes. Junmyeon thought they were seconds away from exploding, unless Chanyeol had some unknown hamster-genes. Chanyeol's eyes widened some, encouraging Junmyeon's hamster theory.

“Can't talk,” Chanyeol said shortly, almost spraying down Junmyeon and Jongdae with chewed bits of pancake. Junmyeon lifted his hands to shield his face from the food, Jongdae did the same with his book. They both lowered their guards when Chanyeol had chewed down and swallowed the pancakes, hurling himself halfway across the table to grab the rest of the milk left in the milk mug.

“You seem to be in a bit of a hurry,” Junmyeon noticed when Chanyeol didn't bother pouring the milk in a glass, simply drinking straight from the jug, spilling half the amount of it down the front of his robes. Chanyeol simply put down the mug and stared down on his now wet robes, looking up at Jongdae and Junmyeon, looking puzzled.

“I am! The Quidditch match starts in five minutes and I haven't eaten yet and now I spilled milk on my robes and-”

“No you're not. Chanyeol-” Junmyeon spoke, but it seemed like Chanyeol hadn't heard him speaking at all, because he had gotten up from the bench, fanning the front of his robes with his hands as he ran down the tables, heading out. However, a stressed Chanyeol was an unaware Chanyeol, so in the middle of the running and the fanning, he didn't see that another person was heading towards him. Junmyeon hid his face in his hands, wincing, as Chanyeol crashed into Professor Cho.

Junmyeon peeked through the cracks between his fingers, biting his lower lip nervously. The only part of the pair he could see was a few strands of Chanyeol's messy, auburn hair, and the brown bird nest that was Professor Cho's. Chanyeol quickly scrambling to his feet, stretching out a hand to help Professor Cho, who swatted his hand away, getting up on his own, brushing invisible dirt off the back of his navy robes.

Professor Cho Kyuhyun, their transfiguration teacher and also head of Slytherin house, was one of the most respected teachers at Hogwarts. For good reason, albeit head of Slytherin, he was rarely biased towards his own house unlike his predecessors, but he was awfully strict and known to be quite moody, much to the rest of the teachers' and the students' confusion.

“Mr. Park, please tell me why you're running in the Hall,” Professor Cho snapped, face and eyes unreadable, arms hanging at his sides. Junmyeon thought it was a good sign that Professor Cho hadn't drawn his wand. Chanyeol seemed to mumble and stutter a bit before he answered.

“The Quidditch match, professor! I'm-I'm late!” Chanyeol almost yelled, Junmyeon couldn't see his face, but from behind, his flailing arms made him look quite distressed. Professor Cho's looked confused at him, no trace of anger on his features.

“Mr. Park, the Quidditch game isn't scheduled before 10 o'clock. It's currently 8:30, which means that you have an hour and a half left before you're supposed to show up. So minimize the running, ok?” Professor Cho told Chanyeol, raising his eyebrows at him before he walked past him, heading towards the teacher's table.

Chanyeol stood freezed to the spot where Professor Cho had abandoned him for a couple of seconds before he turned around, heading back to the Gryffindor table, mouth wide open, eyebrows furrowing.

“Why didn't you say anything?!” Chanyeol frowned as he sat down in his previous seat in front of Junmyeon.

“We tried to, but you wouldn't listen, as usual,” Jongdae pointed out, eyeing Chanyeol over his book. Chanyeol chewed on his bottom lip, looking guilty for a second or two before his eyes widened again.

“But my alarm clock-”

“Your alarm clock that runs on batteries?” Jongdae interrupted, rising an eyebrow at Chanyeol.


“Chanyeol, for the umpteenth time, muggle stuff doesn't work here at Hogwarts, especially not electrical stuff,” Jongdae sighed, rolling his eyes fondly at him. Junmyeon didn't have any count on how many times they had told Chanyeol this. He had even given him Hogwarts: A History for Christmas two years ago. Junmyeon doubted, however that he actually had read it.

“Besides, if you had taken time to look around, you'd see that the Hufflepuff Quidditch team still are here in the Hall,” Junmyeon softly supplied, feeling slightly bad for Chanyeol's guilt. Chanyeol's ears perked up some, and he looked over his shoulder to check if his words were actually true.

On the table next to them, where the Hufflepuffs were seated, Yixing who was in Junmyeon's year, was spoon feeding Hufflepuff's newly appointed Chaser, Zitao, who looked like he would fall asleep any second. Next to Yixing and Zitao, their pair of beaters, Hyosung and Minhyuk sat hunched over a broom, polishing it with wax. As they kept looking, Hufflepuff's Keeper, Jungshin and Hufflepuff's Captain and Seeker, Luhan sat down by Zitao and Yixing, placing their brooms on the floor next to them.

“See! Almost the entire Hufflepuff team is there,” Junmyeon smiled, looking at Chanyeol, who to Junmyeon's surprise, still was sporting a frown as he turned his head back to Junmyeon and Jongdae.

“Hyung you should just shut up,” Jongdae quipped, not looking up from his book. “Honestly I don't understand why you're a prefect because you suck at understanding humans,”

“What do you-” Jongdae slammed his book shut, rolling his eyes at Junmyeon.

“Chanyeol is obviously distressed because there's no one on his team here yet,”

Oh. Junmyeon locked gazes with Jongdae who looked dumbly at him. Jongdae was right, sort of. Junmyeon had never been good at reading facial expressions, or reading people in general. In his second year, when he had been picking electives for his third year, his mom had told him kindly by owl that Divination was a subject he wouldn't do any good in. Not that Divination had much to do with people but- Junmyeon shook his head, looking from Jongdae to Chanyeol, an apology ready on his lips when he discovered not a sad, pouty Chanyeol as he had expected, but an eating Chanyeol, having shoveled another stack of pancakes onto his plate that he was now busy devouring – much slower than earlier. Chanyeol looked up, cheeks filled to the brim with pancakes; the corners of his mouth filled with syrup.

“I give up,” Junmyeon groaned burying his face in his arms. It was still too early in the morning to deal with this, he concluded, remained hidden in the protective space of his arms.

ba-dum, tss. Pumpkin oneforyourfire, you're next! ^^
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