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[TEAM ONE] Prequel to a potential BTS radio station fic????

Remember when I said I was never writing BTS fic? That was a thing I said once. Ha.

“Next time, on Planet EXO, we’ll be talking to specialists about how hair growth can be affected by butterflies.”

Namjoon covers his snort with his hand, as he waits for the earlier radio presenters to finish up their show. Joonmyun winks at him through the glass. Namjoon is reassured that even one of the presenters finds the topic as stupid as he does.

Joonmyun and his co-host head out of the booth. Joonmyun high-fives him as he goes. Namjoon just laughs and slides in, Seokjin following him. Hoseok takes over from the previous sound engineer. Most of the radio programmes on Channel BT don’t have their own dedicated sound technician, but Namjoon is good at arguing for what he wants. Hoseok is one of the only people who lets him tell him to cut mics.

They wait for the opening jingle to end, slide on their headphones, and get started.

“Good morning all, nice for you to join us on this sunny Thursday morning! We’ve got a good programme for you all today…”

Next up, amaxingbaek!
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