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[team two] welcome home

Pretty short but I have so many Elisabeth feels today and this is all I could manage >_<

“I’m home.” Taiga says, and he tries to keep his voice from shaking, from cracking with the tears he can feel building in his throat.

Juri is the first one to wrap arms around him but Jesse isn’t too far behind. He’s missed this, he’s missed these guys, the whole stupid lot of them, he thinks as Shintaro flashes him a lopsided grin and Hokuto holds up two fingers in the peace sign. It’s only been days since he last saw them, but it’s been months since he’s been himself, really himself, around them.

They supported him of course when he found out he’d gotten the part in Elisabeth, they supported him from a distance once rehearsals started and he barely saw them, they supported him with silence and worried expressions as the character took it’s toll on him and drove him into sullenness.

They’re supporting him still, more literally this time, as the relief of finally being able to shake off the oppressive role makes his knees weak. Shintaro and Hokuto are there, closing in, Kouchi right behind them, and it’s him that gives Taiga’s hair a reassuring ruffle. “Welcome home.”

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