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[Team Three] Newsflash

I wasn't going to even write hsj fic this turn and then Bane gave me this idea. And oops, my fingers slipped and started writing it

"Of course, I'll email you the press release right away," Chinen says as he watches Takaki readjust the camera strap on his shoulder. "Did you get everything you need?"

Takaki looks up from where he's frowning at his camera, and his face instantly lights up with a smile at Chinen. "I'm good, I think. I'll give you a call if I need anymore details for the story."

"Anytime," Chinen smiles back and waves as Takaki heads for the door. He's been tempted in the past to leave information out just so the newspaper reporter will give him a call back - Chinen loves the sound of his voice - but he knows that would be an irresponsible thing to do. And he happens to like his day job with Public Relations for this organization.

"Are you working on anything interesting right now?" Chinen blurts out just as Takaki steps out of his office door.

The reporter stops and turns back, leaning against the doorframe. Takaki gives him a bit of a smirk, like he's not sure he wants to spill any of his secrets yet.

"I'm still investigating our city's mysterious superhero," he answers with a laugh. "Still can't manage to get a decent picture of him. I might have to enlist Yuto to help me."

He's clearly just teasing, because Chinen knows Takaki has too much pride to ask the newspaper's award-winning photographer Yuto for help.

"Other than that though," Takaki shrugs, "I'm just hanging out at the courthouse, writing stories about recent arrests."

"Sounds exciting," Chinen says with a sarcastic drawl.

"Only when they get angry enough to threaten breaking my camera and my face." Takaki brushes this off with a lighthearted laugh, but the idea makes Chinen's blood run cold.

Chinen puts on a smile to hide his worry. "Well, be extra careful then, okay?"

Takaki nods. "Sure. Our city's superhero is great, but he can't be everywhere at once. I'll watch my back." He heads out the office door again, looking just as cheerfully happy as he always is.

"See you later," Chinen calls out after him.

It's quiet in Chinen's office now that he's alone, which is normally how Chinen prefers it, but it feels especially empty without the presence of his favorite reporter. With a few clicks of the keyboard, Chinen sends his promised email, and then leaves his office to head up to the building's roof.

The view of the city spreads out before him, the tall office buildings giving way to smaller business districts and then the suburbs beyond that. His eyes are unconsciously drawn to the imposing figure of the city courthouse in the distance. Just thinking about Takaki being threatened by criminals makes Chinen angry. Not that Takaki wasn't big enough to take care of himself, but it still makes Chinen worry for his safety.

A moment later, Chinen realizes that his feet are hovering a few feet above the concrete floor. He wills himself back down, cursing himself for being careless about self-control in the middle of the day when anyone could just walk up to the roof and see him.

He vows to scope out the area around the courthouse tonight, checking it in case he'll need to rush there in the future.

The darkness of the night will make it easier for him to fly undetected, even as the fabric of a black mask obscures most of his face. 

It's your turn doctoggy
(Is anyone else having a very hard time posting to lj from your phone?)
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