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miss zero

[team two] ただいま

Late (as always) but here we go~

"Lucky~ 🎶"

Something warm and familiar hit him as he entered the booth, brought out by the snippets of song he heard as he walked in.

"Ah doki doki~ 🎶"

The melody of the song continued to play even as the words died in favor of smothering him with hugs and confetti, and it made him realize that this is home. This is family. And that they will always be, even if he has moved up the Jr. ladder (or so people say). Even if he's already moved to another prefecture. He tried to say as much, but suddenly his throat is clogged up and he chokes back a sob, to which the bodies attached to the arms that are wrapped around him squeeze him tighter. They took turns playfully whapping him upside the the head, but then one voice of reason yelled at them to stop or risk making him even more dumb.

The tears he'd shed eased somewhat, replaced by a bark of laughter.

"Thanks, guys. I'm home."

Sorry I took forever. It's your turn, thesecretdoor.
Tags: *team two, fandom: general juniors, love ranger: dusk037, warning: might give you cavities
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