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[Team Three] Watching, loving

Title: Watching, Loving
Fandom: Kisumai
Pair: Tamamitsumiya
rating: G
Summary: Kitayama spends some alone time one morning watching the two he has come to love, and musing about how somehow, they are working.
A/N: This is boring and pointless and I wanted to write a lot more for my return. Sadly this will have to do. (Long story short, I worked 15 hours in one day and then got dragged to the city the very next day, so ran out of all time and I'm TIRED!)

‘Idiots’ Kitayama thought affectionately, looking over the two sleeping forms huddled together. He was still unsure exactly why they had accepted him, why they let him in and treated him like he belonged. It had been roughly a month since they had started this strange relationship and still neither had come to him to say it wasn’t going to work. Kitayama felt his guard slowly lowering as the days past.

His thoughts are brought back to earth as he hears Tamamori mumbling something in his sleep. Miyata’s body moves closer and suddenly the mumbling stops. Kitayama still feels like there are moments between the two that he will never belong in, but they’ve accepted his attraction, and they’ve both gone out of their way to include them. Even going so far as to buy a bigger bed so that the three of them can sleep together comfortably. The gesture may have brought some wetness to his eyes, that he played off as allergies. The grin on the faces of both Tamamori and Miyata explained that neither was fooled by his bravado.

This relationship was new, fragile, and far from conventional. But, so far, they were making it work and Kitayama felt himself becoming more comfortable with the fact that he had two boyfriends who were boyfriends with each other before being with him. It was a mouthful to say, and he was happy he didn’t really have to explain it. All that mattered was that he was loved and accepted.

Magi Magi Majiro! kira_shadow it's your turn!
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