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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

[Team 4] Could You Write a Song For Me

I cannot remember what team I'm writing for this round??? 3 and 4 are too close in number or something.

Uh so Welcome to the Madness dropped, and it's wrecking my LIFE, like everything Yoi ever does, but to compound that effect i'm on Team YuraBeka for SASO which is also starting, so our team chat is basically a high screeching "AAAAAGGHHHH" for the last couple days. Oh, and Hawberries drew me a commission of Otabek with his pet hamster that is so cute it made me cry.

This week. I'm so tired. LET ME LIVE.

Anyway, so since Kubo is clearly using the 2014-15 season for all the canon Yoi events, that means that 2015 Worlds is at Shanghai, and Otabek (Denis Ten) wins bronze! So clearly celebratory sex is in order. That means he gets to do an exhibition skate, you know. And I'm sure what he does is this, which is Ten's Money on My Mind Ex Skate that year. UH HI ONE HANDED SKATE FLIPS. Title from the lyrics to this.

Set during the World Championships in the same year as canon, so Yuri is 16 by then, in case that's a thing that bothers you. I think that means I have to link you off-comm though (you'd think as mod I would remember this rule clearly, but I always forget the details of it).

Yuri/Otabek, Hard R, ~3000 words

Next up is prillalar! Hopefully she pushed Christophe around enough for her to take her turn in the next couple of days before SASO really starts destroying us.
Tags: *team four, fandom: yuri on ice, love ranger: mousapelli, warning: here tharr be porn
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