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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol Snippet

“—see that?” Chanyeol asks, the first part of his sentence lost in the noise of the crowd around them. “That’s the first time she’s ever done that. I almost thought she was going to come second. And I mean, that would be fine—she’s doing amazingly as it is. But this is—” He chuckles.

“Yeah,” Kyungsoo responds softly, although Chanyeol, in video-form, can’t hear him. Kyungsoo’s never seen her race before. He has no idea how she even managed it—her timing was perfect. “I can’t believe it either.”

There’s a little bit more of the video; Jinsol heading up onto a little makeshift podium made out of what looks like painted wooden boxes. The girl in yellow is on one side of her, and a third girl, this time in blue, on the other. Jinsol’s awarded a little gold medal and a pretty bunch of flowers, and stands there beaming at the crowd. Kyungsoo can see Chanyeol’s done her hair in plaits that are starting to escape their ties, stray wisps flying around her head. Chanyeol has always been better at doing her hair than Kyungsoo, who puts it down to having a sister, but even he can’t compete with the wind.

When the ceremony is over, she jumps down and runs over to Chanyeol, shouting, “Hi Daddy!” up into the camera. “Did you see me win?”

Kyungsoo knows she’s talking to Chanyeol, hears him respond, but for some reason his heart still hurts, and he has to blink away tears. He wishes he had been there, to tell her how wonderfully she did, how proud he is of her. How proud Daddy is. But he wasn’t there. He was probably cleaning guns and hefting muskets, like he always is.

And now back to our regularly scheduled normal, with oneforyourfire!
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