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[Team Five] Shock-horror

My first Haikyuu fic and it's Bokuto and Akaashi. Very short. Hoot hoot

“Horror! It’s shock-horror, Akaashi!” Bokuto exclaims as he clutches onto a novel.

Akaashi looks up from his textbook, eyebrow raised. He would have dismissed Bokuto’s outburst as he usually does but he’s rather impressed at the vocabulary. “What is, Bokuto-san?”

Bokuto jumps out of Akaashi’s bed and shoves the novel inches away from his lover’s face. “This! I can’t believe he just admitted to stalking her and she’s not even scared or disgusted. I don’t like this book.”

“I see,” Akaashi mutters while pushing the novel away from his face. He looks at Bokuto’s impassioned expression, knowing full well that, despite the protests and whines, Bokuto will read it to the end. “Well, she seems to have rose-colored glasses. The author might resolve the relationship later.”

“But it never said she wears glasses?” Bokuto tilts his head to the side in wonder.

It takes a lot from Akaashi not to coo out loud and remain looking rather impassive. “It’s a metaphor, Bokuto-san. It means she’s rather naive and optimistic to the point of ignorance.”

“Oh, that’s an interesting metaphor to make. I would never have associated rose to being naive or optimistic or ignorant.” Bokuto straightens up again and shrugs. “People make such weird metaphors.”

Akaashi nods in assent, though not forgetting the exuberant exclamations of weird phrases from his own lover. “Indeed.”

Bokuto looks down into Akaashi’s eyes. “Break?”

The question would have met an immediate refusal if not for Akaashi feeling rather tired. He glances at his textbook again to note that he only has about a quarter more of the reading to finish. Food sounds nice right now. He gives a small smile to Bokuto. “Yes. Let’s take a break.”

“Yes!” Bokuto shouts with hands shooting high up in the air, remembering well not to jump inside Akaashi’s room. He places the novel next to Akaashi’s textbook before dragging Akaashi downstairs for a snack.

Akaashi makes sure his shoulder isn’t dislocated from Bokuto’s pulling. It’s nice to take breaks every now and then, especially if it’s with his enthusiastic lover.

It's your turn, thesockmonster :)
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