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[Team Three] Snowmen know how to play

The rope wasn’t particularly tight around his wrists, loose enough that Abe could probably have gotten free if the house had been on fire. His cheeks felt as if they were on fire for sure, burning with embarrassment at the way Fukazawa was just looking at him. He couldn’t even close his legs because Fukazawa’s fingers were curled tight around his ankles, keeping him exposed.

“So cute,” Fukazawa cooed delightedly, which only made Abe blush more.

The most embarrassing part however was that he could feel himself slowly getting hard from all the attention. Begging wouldn’t help - if he showed just how much he wanted Fukazawa to touch him already, his bandmate would just tease him more and go even slower.

Fukazawa finally let go off Abe’s legs, but he still didn’t touch him where he wanted it, instead he just crawled on top of Abe and kissed him, slow and teasing. The teasing flick of Fukazawa’s tongue just made Abe want it more, almost enough to forget his embarrassment and beg for it. Abe tugged at the rope, a vague notion of rolling them over in his mind, but the bonds withstood his attempts to free himself.

Fukazawa grinned down at him. “You’re extra cute when you struggle, you know that, Abecchi?”

Cheeks heating up even more, Abe opened his mouth to reply, but before he could get out more than Fukazawa’s name, Fukazawa had already moved on to the next step. Teasing fingers fluttered over his body, finding all his sensitive spots with practiced easy. Abe squirmed, arousal and embarrassment working together to make him feel overheated and sensitive. He couldn’t help the noises he was making either, moans and gasps just kept slipping out.

Fukazawa ducked his head to lick at Abe’s left nipple, and Abe would have loved to dig his fingers into Fukazawa’s silly hair, but with his wrists tied to the headboard that wasn’t an option. It wasn’t like Fukazawa lingered in any one spot for any length of time anyway. Now he was nosing at Abe’s ribs before moving back up to kiss the corner of Abe’s mouth. Earlobe, bellybutton, collarbone, hip, and before long Abe found his legs spread wide and Fukazawa’s tongue right between the cheeks of his ass, working against the most sensitive part of him.

“Nnh,” Abe moaned, legs trembling where they were held over Fukazawa’s shoulders. If his hands had been free, he would have covered his face, but as it was he could only be glad that Fukazawa couldn’t really see him from down there. It just felt too good to stay silent, the slick touch of Fukazawa’s tongue too arousing to resist for long. “Please,” he begged.

Raising his head, Fukazawa grinned at Abe. “Please what? What do you want me to do, Abecchi?”

Abe bit his lip. “I…” he began, sure now of what he wanted, but unable to say it.

Waiting more or less patiently, Fukazawa licked at Abe’s dick.

“Take me,” Abe finally gasped out when he couldn’t take it anymore. “Fukka, please, just…”

“Mmh, okay,” Fukazawa replied, returning to his work with more purpose. While he licked at Abe’s hole, he slipped two fingers inside as well, caressing Abe from the inside as well as the outside. Soon Abe was squirming again, pushing his hips down to get Fukazawa’s fingers deeper inside himself. Grinning, Fukazawa pulled his fingers free and sat up. “Two choices, Abecchi. Are you listening?”

Abe nodded, not trusting his voice just now.

“I can get up and go find the lube, or you can suck my dick until it’s good and slick. Either way, I’m fucking you until you forget your name. Which will it be?”

Eyes wide, Abe stammered for a moment before his brain caught up. “Shows tomorrow,” he exclaimed, squashing the thought of how good, how intense it must feel to get fucked with nothing but spit as lube.

Fukazawa laughed as he stood up. “Always so responsible,” he agreed. Returning with the tube of lube, he knelt between Abe’s legs. Fukazawa squeezed a good amount of lube directly onto his dick, then gave himself a few quick strokes to smear it around.

Beyond shame, Abe pulled his knees up, offering himself up. He just needed to get fucked already, without any more teasing. If Fukazawa decided to fingerbang him some more, Abe was sure he’d go out of his mind from frustration.

Abe yelped when Fukazawa pushed into him, blushing hotly at the sound. He bit his lip, trying to stay silent, but the moans just kept slipping out, noises spilling past his lips without any control. Each thrust of Fukazawa’s hips felt better and better, until Abe was moaning continuously and pushing his hips up to meet Fukazawa’s thrusts.

Leaning in, Fukazawa kissed him again. Abe kissed back eagerly, almost desperately. Since his wrists were still tied up, he couldn’t clutch at Fukazawa or jerk himself off, so the only thing he could do was to show his overwhelming desire with his kiss.

Drawing back, Fukazawa licked his lips. “Mmh, so noisy. Shall I make you scream?”

Abe shook his head, he’d never survive the embarrassment if he really got that loud. He’d already made more noise than he should with people on the other side of the wall.

Amused, Fukazawa curled his fingers around Abe’s dick. “You can’t come silently, you never do,” he pointed out.

“It’s… a challenge,” Abe gasped, squeezing his eyes shut. The double sensation of having his dick stroked and getting fucked at the same time was driving him closer and closer to his limit at an amazing pace.

On the upstroke, Fukazawa brushed his thumb over the tip of Abe’s dick, smearing the pre-come around. Moans kept escaping Abe, and Fukazawa wasn’t exactly silent either. Even over the sound of his own panting, Abe couldn’t help but listen to the soft moans Fukazawa made.

“Moan my name when you come,” Fukazawa said with a grin.

Abe shook his head, but before he could argue he was already coming, biting his lip to stay silent as pleasure coursed through him, washing everything else away. A shiver worked itself down his spine as he came and came, come spilling over Fukazawa’s nimble fingers.

Fukazawa followed right after, hips snapping wildly as he spilled himself deep into Abe’s tight body. “Yeah, oh, yeah,” Fukazawa moaned as he came, throwing his head back in pleasure. With a last groan, Fukazawa collapsed on top of Abe, squishing him just a little.

After a couple of minutes, Fukazawa half sat up, grumbling a bit to himself as he tried to untie Abe. The knots had pulled tight so it took a couple of tries, but the rope finally dropped, releasing Abe. Fukazawa flopped back down next to Abe, one arm slung over Abe’s middle.

Abe linked their fingers, happy to be able to finally touch again. “We should clean up the mess before we sleep,” Abe tried to insist, but Fukazawa wasn’t inclined to move just now. Abe didn’t really want to move either, but there was no way he could relax with Fukazawa’s come slowly dripping down his inner thighs.

Next up is mousapelli!
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