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[team two] Changes

Hello from Team Two~

Kisumai's arena tour started last weekend in Niigata so this takes place after the first show. I don't know about other groups, but Kisumai's first and second shows of a tour are always different.

“Decisions, decisions…” Kitayama murmurs to himself as they settle down to evaluate their first show. It’s late and they’re tired and he knows he’s not the only one that’s starving, but this is something that needs to be done. As far as one of their first shows goes, it wasn't too bad. They didn't go over the three hour mark like they had with Journey and they actually made it through the encore this time, unlike last year's tour. The fact that no one got injured and needed to go to the hospital was an added bonus. Injury was a valid concern with this year's tour considering how many shows they had plus the intense set list they'd put together. Lots of dance songs and no solos meant less breaks in between.

They talk about the positives first. A lot of things went well. The fans seemed to really like the costumes and the overall feel of the show. They were trying a few new things as well. Not as dramatic as the water effects of the I Scream tour, but the floating for One Kiss as well as what they'd come to refer to as the jellyfish hoops, had both been well received. Though the jellyfish sequence still needs practice and the initial reactions had been mixed, once they'd started spinning on their skates and the tendrils fanned out, there had been an audible "Oooo~" from the fans.

The things that need to be fixed or changed come next.

“Snow Dome has to go,” Fujigaya pipes up almost immediately. Everyone in the room either winces or nods in full agreement. The resounding “Ee~~~?!” and the giggling that followed when Fujigaya started to sing the opening lines had been pretty painful all around. Using Snow Dome no Yakusoku as a memorial song for the dead Miyamama had not gone well at all.

And so they work on the skit first. The plan had been for Tamacchi and his nakamacchi to head over to Snack Showa for a drink, but instead find the dead body of Miyamama. In order to bring her back to life, they had to successfully complete two challenges. Miyamama's soul would return and everyone would rejoice and sing Let's Go to celebrate. In hindsight, killing off Miyamama can probably be categorized as their worst skit idea since their second Jr. tour. The staff member keeping an eye on social media announces that the fans feel the same and that no one, Miyata fan or not, wants to see Miyamama dead in any capacity, even if it’s only for a moment and even if it’s really just a mannequin in a badly permed wig.

Another issue comes up as they talk about reactions on social media. While they'd agreed early on to not do solos this year since only three of them had new ones and wanted to leave more space in the set list for all of them to be out on stage, Busaiku still having two songs hadn't gone unnoticed. But just cutting Michishirube and Tanabota would bring up another issue... Tamamori needed the time to get into the Tamacchi costume.

"If we switch the One Kiss section and the skit, the Tama can leave when he needs to and there'll be more legroom timing wise," Nikaido points out.

It's true. The down side of their current set list is that Tamamori has a very specific time frame to get into the Tamacchi costume that he'd been complaining was too tight non-stop since yesterday. "So long as everyone is aware of what moving the skit and MC into the same section means," Kitayama points out.

"No break in the second half of the show," Yokoo says, understanding what Kitayama is trying to get at. Without solos, the skit gave them time to breath.

The meeting goes on but by they end, they've all agreed that switching the skit and One Kiss sections was for the best. They even added Girl is Mine and Zenryoku Fighter in to make up for taking out Michishirube and Tanakara Botamochi. The second half of the show would be tough with some of their serious dance numbers now at the end when they were the most tired, but looking at their updated set list, Kitayama could see that they all looked excited over the changes.

They head over to the hotel within the Toki Messe complex, Kitayama half listening as Senga and Nikaido poked at him for his new perm. On his other side, Tamamori is whining to Miyata about how dare Miyata look so cool during the dance sequence before Gravity. Behind them, he can hear Fujigaya telling Yokoo that he'll help him massage his lower back once their back in their room, but that he should ask Senga to take a look too.

Kitayama lets out a content sigh. He's tired and hungry and they have a bunch of changes to make and he'll be staying up late tonight reviewing footage of today's show before finally calling it a night, but he gets a warm feeling in his chest when he looks at his group like this. He's seen what it's like for groups that don't get along, that fight more than cooperate, but he looks at Kisumai and knows tomorrow's shows will be better. They all care, not just about the work, but about each other.

They walk into one of the hotel's private banquet rooms to see a large table set up for hot pot. Kitayama starts to hum to himself about the prospects of finally being able to eat dinner. "Ippai taberu kimi ga suki~ Ookii hitokuchi~" laughing when the members and staff start singing along with him. Yeah. He was pretty lucky.

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