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[team sonic] that morning glow

Got real inspired by the last words on my youth is yours, so here's some more TMI AU but from Jaehwan's POV for once. Also, first time in sonic!

The soft sunrise greets Jaehwan when he wakes; he lies for a while and watches the sunlight stream through the window, so incredibly comfortable in this bed that he might just close his eyes and fall back asleep. In his arms Hakyeon, the warlock, is sleeping peacefully still, breathing evenly, even with the sun shining on him making his hair and skin glow beautifully. Once Jaehwan looks, he can’t take his eyes off of him.

Ever since he first saw Hakyeon in that faerie courtroom, he has found himself strangely taken by this warlock. At first it was simply his beauty - but then they met again in the forest, and something about his curious and gentle personality had Jaehwan wanting to see him again. When Hakyeon left with his friend, the other warlock, he just could not help himself and left Faerie for the first time in his life.

It was a scary decision to leave behind all he knew - he had been a knight for such a long time, and didn’t know what he might do in this other world, so different from his own. Once he came, however, he knew that being a knight, being ever in the same place, had never been right for him. He got a taste of what the mundane world had to offer, and he wanted it.

Jaehwan presses a light kiss to Hakyeon’s bare shoulder, making him stir. He thinks of last night, how the other moved to the music and noticed him staring, entranced. How Hakyeon told him, “this is how we party in my world,” and beckoned him closer, until they were only inches apart and he could feel the heat radiating off of Hakyeon. They were both intoxicated by the atmosphere, the loud music, the warm crowd of Downworlders dancing in Hakyeon’s apartment. It really seemed to be his world. He thinks of how Hakyeon moved against him in his bedroom, how they ended up here. He begins to kiss down Hakyeon’s back, but then the warlock stirs again, turning around to face him.

For a moment, Hakyeon simply watches him with a soft gaze, lips parted. Jaehwan can’t help but stare back. “Good morning,” he says.

Then Hakyeon lets out a long sigh and sits up, crawling out of bed and slipping a thin robe on. He groans at the sunlight in his eyes. “Morning, indeed. What kind of food do you eat?”

He sounds almost bored. Jaehwan is confused with the sudden change of mood, but aware, after the short time of knowing him, that Hakyeon seems to act hot and cold with most people, and so he perks up and follows him out of the bedroom, only putting on his underwear. “I’ll eat anything you have,” he says. He actually does feel hungry.

Hakyeon shrugs and opens the fridge standing in his kitchen. “Knock yourself out,” he says with a gesture to the contents of the fridge. “And then you can leave.”

Jaehwan’s stomach sinks. Something doesn’t sit right with that suggestion. He’d like to stay longer. Get to know Hakyeon, in various ways. Still, he just grins, and takes a look in the fridge. “If it’s okay with you, I might be here for a while longer.”
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