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[team two] caminito al cielo

So because Taiga made a reference sometime to twitter and because this conversation happened...what else was I meant to do do with those ending words? Also it seems like everything I write recently is in one way or another lady_aenea's fault...

"Body hair is apparently a thing now..." Taiga says as he catches a glimpse of Hokuto shaving his armpit.

Juri snorts "has it not always been a thing?"

Taiga smacks him lightly on the back of the head with his comb. "No, like it's actually a thing now, a thing that girls are into..."

"Have you been stalking our fangirls on Twitter again?" Kouchi asks with a raised eyebrow at the same time Jesse scoffs.

"I told you girls dig it, I've been saying it for years"

It's Hokuto that answers him, raising his right arm to shave under that one too. "You're just too lazy to shave" Jesse sticks out his tongue in response and prods Hokuto’s freshly hairless armpit.

"But seriously it is a thing.” Taiga asserts. “They're hoarding pictures of Johnny’s with exposed body hair like they do with smoking pictures and glasses pictures..."

"What kind of body hair have we been exposing?" Shintaro asks, his tone somewhere between alarmed and curious.

“Nothing too risqué , though it seems there are few pictures of trousers slipping just low enough to expose a bit of hair.” Taiga tells him and then turns to fix an amused expression in Hokuto and Jesse’s direction. “Looking at nobody in particular.”

“I wonder who that is.” Hokuto retorts, rolling his eyes at Jesse but Taiga just snorts.

“I’m looking at both of you.” Taiga says, momentarily amused by Hokuto’s horrified expression. “Other than that, armpit hair isn’t a rare find unless you’re Hokuto or Taguchi-kun so it’s mostly facial hair and abdominal hair they’re raving about, the jury is still out on whether leg hair is hot or not.”

“But abdominal hair is hot?” Juri asks as though he’s only just considering the possibility.

“You should know, your big brother seems to have been the king of the treasure trail.” Taiga answers to a chorus of snorts. Even Hokuto chuckles.

“Treasure trail?” It’s Jesse that asks. “In America they call it a happy trail”

“I read about that name too.” Taiga says, laughing a little himself “But that wasn’t the best one...”

To sanadas_sanity welcome to shiritori and to team two :D It's your turn now! I've added you on twitter too so I'll give you a prod on there too!

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