Cass (cairistiona) wrote in writetomyheart,

We are [TEAM ONE]!

Good hello and welcome to Team One! Several of you were with me before, but it's always nice to have new members in the team! :)

I live on twitter and I am aware of all your twitter accounts, so I'm happy to poke if necessary. You can tweet or DM me to update me on RL, speed, breaks, and so on. (And don't worry! I have my own poker for when I'm slow, too... I will try not to be!!!)

I am still a super slow goose, but softboys, my "right-hand man", so to speak, is my lifesaver. She and I have swapped positions for just this one round, so she will be starting us off this time! After this, we'll get back to regular scheduled posts. Sorry for this hiccough!

♥ Once more unto the breach, dear friends!
Tags: *team one, love ranger: cairistiona
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