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[team two] The fool's proof.

Hello, team. It's a new round again~ I'll mostly be keeping tabs on our team and I'm also on Twitter a lot, so I'll poke who needs to be poked whenever? If it's all right with you. Yoroshiku for this round~

Continuing from this.

Maybe that’s the most accurate thing he could have possibly said about the situation, but for some reason, Yuto can't bring himself to accept his own words. It repeats itself in his mind, the tone of voice in which he said them ringing eerily in his ears, continuing in a sickening loop.

Even with the proof right before his eyes, Yuto still wants to believe that the pile of bones on the bed in front of him is not what's left of Takaki.

The illusion shatters when Takaki breaks his silence. "It's been a while since I came down here. I almost forgot I had a body."

I concede. /____\ It's your turn now, thesecretdoor
Tags: *team two, fandom: hey!say!jump, love ranger: dusk037, warning: wtfery ahead
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