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[Team Three] In the dark of the night (part 2)

I'm posting from my phone which apparently doesn't like lj today, so I'm sorry if this doesn't work right or goes horribly wrong. Anyway, here's more of my semi-serious pirates au.

A two-edged sword pressed to his jugular is not Takaki's ideal negotiating position, but he didn't have any other options. And luckily the one with the sword, Yabu, doesn't seem as amused by his companion's scoff. In fact, he actually looks as though he's seriously considering it.

"It would make things easier if we had a few more hands," Yabu says.

"That's what we have Yuto for," the pirate with the gun answers, no longer looking amused. "He's like three people in one."

Yuto, the tall one who has Yamada tied up, beams at the apparent compliment. Takaki is beginning to think these guys aren't all that experienced in being pirates. But whether they are or not, he's got to do whatever it takes to make sure Keito and Yamada get out of this unscathed.

"This could be fun, Hikaru. Lighten up," Yabu says. He gives Takaki a suspiciously pleasant smile as he puts his sword away. "We're the ones in charge, and you guys do whatever we say. If you're good, you'll live. If you're not, I'll let Hikaru do whatever he wants to you."

Hikaru waves his gun threateningly before he puts it away. He seems satisfied with this arrangement for now.

"Are we splitting the treasure with them too?" Yuto asks.

Hikaru rolls his eyes and slaps the back of Yuto's head. "Idiot. Don't talk about that in front of them."

Takaki observes their interactions and makes notes for later, but he can feel another pair of eyes watching himself. He turns to see Yabu staring hard as if he's calculating something.

And then he grins, almost making his eyes disappear in the pale moonlight. It's the exact opposite of comforting. 

"Let's get going then," he commands, his hand resting near the hilt off his sword. "No time to waste."

Takaki signals to Keito and Yamada to help unmoor the boat, and they do so reluctantly with wary eyes. He wonders what exactly he's gotten them all into as he starts untying the rope.

Here ya go doctoggy
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