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[TEAM PILOT] Fly away, my sun-bewildered pages!

Hello everyone! I’m sorry about the delay: it took me a while to finish the new line up post (which you should definitely check as it has lots of information) and I'm typing this offline on the bus so I hope I don't miss anything. I'm sure we can address it in the comments if I did.

updated summary of discussion

  • Writers are posting their own headers on writetomyheart, linking to the ao3 post
    • header should be tagged with *team pilot, your love ranger tag, and any applicable fandom and warning tags.
    • Lj-tagging the text person on the team in the header is completely optional, so it’s up to you.
  • After you post your fic and header or decide to skip, tweet the next team member (see twitter accounts below) as well as @writetomyheart with a link to your post on ao3 or the fact that you’re skipping.
  • In regards to the love ranger tags, those of us who have different ao3 usernames and lj usernames have either decided to have their tag updated to include both, or to change the tag to the ao3 username. This can still be changed whenever you like, just contact Mousi or me.
  • When you post your fic, please make sure to add it to the correct series Team Pilot (Round 9 May 2017-?) (you’ve all been added as co-authors) as well as the shiritori collection.
  • Currently we’ll be keeping our discussions to lj, and using this post as our discussion post/updated round procedures post. Things may change in the future, but as of right now only the stories and tagging of next team members are happening externally (to lj).
  • Any members of team pilot who’d like to participate in the sonic game can either post their fics on writetomyheart or post their fics to the sonic_shiritori collection on ao3 and post a header to writetomyheart with the correct tags, and the last line of the fic. (See more details here.)

You'll note that our team order is bluedreaming (bluedreaming) ♔, springmaid (eclecticat), hunhunya (lusehun), harujongin (kaiohtic), caterplina (caterplina), junxouji (junxouji). I'm the captain of the team but technically I'm not writing for shiritori this round, so while I'll start things off by posting an initial fic shortly, both to get the ball rolling and also to set up the team pilot series for this round (as I can't create a series without having something to put in it), after this time the posting order will go directly from (caterplina) to eclecticat, until junxouji is back, after which the posting order will go from junxouji to eclecticat.

At least for this first round of the pilot test, we’ll be posting headers to the writetomyheart community to keep everything integrated. Here is the header for the first team pilot fic, as an example. You can use this basic format if you like:

Would you like to post the header yourself, or would you prefer that I (the captain) do it? Headers will be tagged with the appropriate shiritori tags, as per the standard rules (team, poster, fandom(s)). Do we want to include the customary LiveJournal tag (see example in box below) of the next person on the team, or would you prefer to omit that?

Another thing to consider is that a lot of you have different usernames for your LiveJournal and Ao3 accounts. Your "love ranger" tags are all according to your LiveJournal usernames, but I can change them to match your Ao3 usernames if you prefer. Please comment below if you would like me to change your "love ranger" tag. I can also update the "love ranger" tag to be both your LiveJournal and your Ao3, if they’re different. For instance, if your LiveJournal is "kenmathecat" but your ao3 is "ebullient" I can update your "love ranger" tag to "love ranger: kenmathecat/ebullient."

As a side note following from this, for the rest of this post, I’ll be referring to people using their ao3 names (since this is a public post), but let me know if this is confusing and what you would prefer.

Apart from eclecticat who is currently setting up a twitter for this, we are all currently available on twitter and should be tagged as such. As a captain, I’ll do my best to make sure that everyone knows when it’s their turn, but since I won’t always be able to check right away/notify the next person right away, it will be really helpful if you could tag each other, using twitter as we’ve previously discussed. Our twitter accounts are as follows:

bluedreaming ♔ @tulipsalt
eclecticat @_eclecticat
lusehun @noctisou @luhanvuitton
kaiohtic @kaiohtic
caterplina @caterplina
junxouji @junxouji

Just as a reminder (though it will be mentioned in the rules), at this point we’ve decided that rather than posting a skip post on ao3 which doesn’t really make sense, you can just tag the person after you and let me know as well (since tagging is via twitter, just remember to also mention @writetomyheart and everything will be taken care of).

I’m not going to post the rules here to reduce redundancy and errors. Basically, they are an updated version of the working version I added in a comment to the initial team pilot post. If you have any suggestions/corrections/etc., please let me know in the comments below or by twitter (linked above) or by email. In the comments would be ideal, as we’d be able to discuss it, but it’s okay if you’re not comfortable with that.

Edit: (11/5/2017) The rules post on ao3 will (shortly) be here. The series we’ll be using for this round (a.k.a. until the next reshuffle) is Team Pilot (Round 9 May 2017-?). I’ve added all your ao3 accounts as co-authors, so when you go to post a new shiritori fic, you’ll find it in your drop down menu of series that you can add your fic to. Please let me know if there’s a problem!

And that brings me to my final point. I know that several of you are less than happy with LiveJournal, thus the suggestion of Ao3 as an alternate platform as opposed to the suggested Dreamwidth. However, parts of shiritori require discussion, and Ao3 isn’t designed for this type of information post to get feedback and discuss options. I know that some of you don’t have Dreamwidth or would prefer not to use Dreamwidth, but would you prefer to hold our discussions on the [community profile] writetomyheart Dreamwidth community rather than here on writetomyheart? If you don’t have a Dreamwidth account, you can still participate in discussion and the community by using your LiveJournal OpenID (which was explained in greater detail in the new line up post as well as this mini explanation post on [community profile] writetomyheart. You could also choose to use any other type of OpenID (any blog that supports OpenID if you have one).

I know that it could be suggested that we discuss things via Twitter or Tumblr, but the first is very transient and space-limited, and the latter doesn’t have native commenting so for many reasons I don’t think either would be a viable option. Other blogging platforms aren’t designed for fandom, so they aren’t ideal either, and the only other one I can think of would be imzy, but that would also require creating a whole new account on a different platform, and learning to navigate a platform that is quite different.

If we do keep discussions on LiveJournal (probably easier) but you decide to close your LiveJournal account, you can also participate in a LiveJournal community and comment using OpenID, Twitter, Facebook or Google log-ins.

In any case, shiritori as a whole will remain on writetomyheart at this point and so the reshuffle posts, etc. will continue to be held here. The twitter account @writetomyheart is a good alternative to keep up with things if you delete your LiveJournal account or just don’t want to be getting updates from LiveJournal. Please contact me or comment below if you want to discuss this further (open to discussion!).

I’ve asked a few questions above so it would be really helpful to get your feedback via this poll. Please do comment below as well to elaborate on your response: this is a discussion and not a rules post.

Poll #2067543 Team Pilot set up feedback

Should the captain post fic headers on LiveJournal, or should individual writers do it?

the captain
individual writers

Should the header include the standard LiveJournal user tag (< lj user = "username" >) or omit this?

include standard LiveJournal user tag

Should I refer to people as their LiveJournal username or Ao3 usernames, if they differ?

LiveJournal usernames
Ao3 usernames
just use our names/nicknames/fandom names

Should team pilot discussions remain on LiveJournal or move to Dreamwidth?

stay on LiveJournal
move to Dreamwidth

Do you have a Dreamwidth account?

no, but I'd be okay with logging in with OpenID
no and I don't want to go there

I’ve probably missed a lot of things so as I said before, please feel free to comment below, and I’ll have both the ao3 rules up on the shiritori ao3 collection as well as the first story, so that I can invite you all to the ao3 series for this round of team pilot.

Thank you, and I hope we have a lot of fun.
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