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[MOD POST] New Round Start / 「Connect & Go」

[Let’s begin]

Sorry for the mini delay--there was a lot of new information to go over in this post. Thanks for your understanding. I’m sure that a lot of you are currently having fun with SASO though, so enjoy that!

Note: If you’re a new person who has stumbled across this post/community, please see the latest reshuffle post to sign up!

Welcome, Thanks and Five Year Anniversary

First of all, so long and fond farewells to those who are leaving. We wish you the best, and we’ll be happy to welcome you again in the future. A warm welcome to those who are joining us, a reminder of where to find the current rules and guidelines, and please don’t hesitate to contact your captain, or Mousi (twitter or email) or Ansa (twitter please DM or email) if you have any questions. You can also reach both of us by email at Finally, we’re happy to be in good company with all of you who are continuing. We’re currently at 34 shiritoriers if I’m not mistaken. Thank you for making this such a fun game! Shiritori itself recently passed its fifth-year anniversary on May 3rd (or first, if you go by the first rules post).

LiveJournal vs. Dreamwidth

As per the poll in the reshuffle post which was filled out by 31 participants (a 91% voter turnout), 74% of you didn’t care whether shiritori remained on LiveJournal or moved to Dreamwidth while only 9.7% of you preferred moving to Dreamwidth, and 0% of you replied that you would leave shiritori unless it moved to Dreamwidth. Thank you for the feedback. Consequently, at this point shiritori will be remaining on LiveJournal. There is more information below about alternative options on a person-by-person basis as well as the backups we’re saving on Dreamwidth.

Captains and Contact Information

Especially in light of more and more shiritoriers requesting to be poked in addition to the standard LiveJournal tag, as well as the fact that we needed to collapse a team due to restructuring with the ao3 pilot and people taking a break from participating, we’ve assembled a spreadsheet of contact information that will shared with captains. This is made up of information that you’ve provided either on the contact info post or reshuffle posts and will only be used to provide requisite “poking.” However, if you’re not comfortable with this, please let us know and we’ll replace it on the spreadsheet with a placeholder, and communicate the poking contact information directly with your captain. Just to emphasize, however, the spreadsheet will only be shared with the captains, and will not be publicly available.

It follows that if you’d like to make any changes to your contact information, please let us know by commenting on this post, and we’ll make the appropriate updates.

Ao3 and Dreamwidth Accounts

Shiritori is not moving operations to Dreamwidth at this point, and only the ao3 pilot requires ao3 accounts. However, with the Dreamwidth backups using LiveJournal OpenIDs (more details below) and the ao3 shiritori and sonic_shiritori collections being open for general crossposting (also more details below), if you’d like to share these usernames with us, that might prove useful in the future. This is 100% optional. In both cases, if you have more than one account on either or both of these platforms, please share the one that you’ve associated with shiritori. (In the case of Dreamwidth, this would be the Dreamwidth account you’ve used to claim your LiveJournal OpenID, more information below.)

What if mid-round I decide I want to leave LiveJournal but would still like to participate in shiritori?

If for whatever reason you would prefer to leave LiveJournal, please let us know. In light of all the external poking that’s needed in addition to LiveJournal tagging in the past few rounds, it will be simple enough to have you still participate in your current LiveJournal-based team but post your turn on the Dreamwidth community [community profile] writetomyheart. Just direct any queries to Ansa and we’ll smooth out the fine details.

Of course, if you’d prefer to shift base to Ao3, you’re welcome to move to ao3 pilot team. Ansa is also the one to ask here.

In both scenarios, even if you decide to delete your LiveJournal, we would ask that you be flexible in terms of participating in the shiritori conversation posts (reshuffles, lineups, etc.) which are all currently posted on LiveJournal. You don’t need a LiveJournal account to leave a comment--though anonymous comments are disabled, you can log in to comment via Facebook, Twitter, OpenID (such as your Dreamwidth account), and Google. If you’re not comfortable with any of these, you can just contact Mousi or Ansa directly.

The Ao3 collection

We’ve already mentioned it a few times, but since this is the “official” new launch post, so to speak, I thought it would be good to include in the intro/recap of new things we’re going into this round with. If you like to crosspost your shiritori fics to ao3, you’re welcome to add any past, present and future fics to the shiritori and sonic_shiritori collections. This is 100% optional. (Rather like the SASO ao3 collections, if you’re familiar with those.) Unless you’re part of the ao3 pilot team, there are no restrictions on format or anything like that, as your crosspost is exactly that, a crosspost. As long as the fic (or a part of the fic, in some form) was originally posted for shiritori, it has a place in the ao3 collection if you so choose. Please note that regular shiritori fics should be added to the parent shiritori collection, and sonic fics should be added to the sonic_shiritori subcollection. There are no required tags or anything like that.

If you’d like to know more about how the ao3 pilot team will work, you can see the respective section below.

New Sonic Rules

As Mousi mentioned in the reshuffle post, anyone can now participate in sonic, and the former team sonic (as noted in the sidebar of the community layout) is now a list of sonic restarters who are the designated to start sonic rolling again if all the stories expire. These new sonic rules have been added to the latest rules/guidelines post for reference.

News and Updates

At this point the Dreamwidth shiritori community [community profile] writetomyheart is not actively being used, and the archive community is obviously quite delayed, so the best place to go to for shiritori news is to track the mod post tag. Shiritori does also have a twitter @writetomyheart that functions as a feed of the writetomyheart public posts, but which can be used for announcements in the event that the writetomyheart community itself is to become compromised. If anything happens, the Dreamwidth community [community profile] writetomyheart will also be used to post an information/update post which will be open for comments and conversation. While the Ao3 collections are open to all, Ao3 does not have a conversation platform and so would not be used to organize/disseminate this kind of information.

Backing up to Dreamwidth

As mentioned above, we’re currently backing the writetomyheart up onto an archive Dreamwidth community, [community profile] writetomyheartarchive, on a weekly basis. This import process uses the OpenID method to import each person’s posts under their LiveJournal OpenID account. For instance, if your LiveJournal is “kenmathecat” then any of your backed up posts, imported onto the Dreamwidth archive account, will be posted by the Dreamwidth account “” (an OpenID account). This also means that all comments can be retained as well, and associated with the correct person.

You don't need to do anything with this, it's perfectly sustainable as it is. However, you might like to log into Dreamwidth with your LiveJournal OpenID account just to set a notification email and basically “own” your content. This does not require you to create a Dreamwidth account, all you need to do is log in with your LiveJournal OpenID and you'll be able to post to communities, edit your posts (such as those that have been backed up to the [community profile] writetomyheartarchive), comment (see the f.a.q. post), and join/track journals and communities. The only thing you won't be able to do is have your own journal (which, if you don't wish to create a Dreamwidth account at this point, is probably fine with you anyway). You can find information and the link to log in with your OpenID account and set an email here.

If you do have a Dreamwidth account that you'd like to use for shiritori, or you'd like to create one, it's a very simple process to claim your LiveJournal OpenID, which means that once you do so, any posts and comments attributed to your LiveJournal OpenID will now appear as though they've been posted by your Dreamwidth account. You can even claim more than one OpenID with the same Dreamwidth account. You can find more information about this and the link to do so here.

If you're new to Dreamwidth, there's a pinned post on the [community profile] writetomyheart community with the details about OpenID accounts for reference, as well as things like importing your LiveJournal if that's something you're interested in.

Ao3 Pilot Team

To those of you who are joining this initial pilot round of shiritori (mostly) on Ao3, welcome! To avoid restating information and the resulting errors that will likely occur, as well as to keep this new line up post reasonably short, you can find our start off post here. Please do read it and leave a comment, as there are a few things I'd like to discuss.

In terms of the rules for the ao3 pilot team, the game in general is the same, the only updates deal with how to post to ao3 so that the linear nature of shiritori is retained, as well as adapting to using a platform which by its design is intended for permanent works that can be updated as well as serialized. The most current version of the rules will always be found on the shiritori collection profile/info page collection, and the sonic shiritori subcollection will detail information pertinent to that activity. (I’ll have both of these up ideally by tomorrow.) The official rules/guidelines will also feature a link directly to these rules, for centralization purposes.

In regards to participating in sonic as a pilot member, I'll restate this in the pilot launch post so that we can discuss it there, but at least currently, pilot members can choose whether they'd like to post sonic fics on ao3 (in the sonic_shiritori subcollection, following the pilot rules regarding post-publishing changes being made to first/last sentences etc.) and post a header on the LiveJournal community with a link to the fic and the last sentence, or whether they'd prefer to simply post sonic fics on LiveJournal. As always, if fics are originally posted on the LiveJournal and then crossposted to Ao3, no restrictions on editing apply.


You may have noticed already, but we’ve implemented a new tag system to deal with the huge mess that was the fandom: others tag. It’s loosely structured along the lines of the ao3 broad fandom categories, with some specialization for areas that have more fics. Basically, everything is the same with tagging, but when you would have reached for our handy “fandom: others” tag, there’s now a bucket fandom tag that’s more suitable, whether it’s fandom: general anime/manga/games, fandom: general film/theatre (which includes musicals!), or fandom: general actors/celebrities. Rather than list them all out here, you can skim over the tag list on the tag page. Another useful shortcut is to just type “fandom: general” into the tag bar when you’re posting a fic, and see what comes up.

The New Line Ups

And now, for the event you’re really waiting for! I’m sorry about all the top-heaviness, but there have been a few things that have gone down, and whether or not you actually read the post, at least it’s here and (hopefully) clear.

As we mentioned above, with some people taking a break and the formation of the pilot ao3 team, though we tried to follow everyone’s reshuffle requests as much as possible, we couldn’t keep all of the teams the same as many of you requested. We did our best (and thank you to caterplina for the assistance!) but if you think it’s really not going to work, please let us know.

Mousi is taking on two teams again, so Ansa (who’s mostly not writing this round except for the occasional sonic) is going to be handling the Dreamwidth back ups as well as doing her best to keep the wider overview of teams in motion. If you’re also contemplating leaving LiveJournal for Dreamwidth but would like to remain in shiritori as mentioned above, it would probably be best for you coordinate this through Ansa as well.

As always, the team line-ups have been posted on the writetomyheart community sidebar for easy reference. Two people are starting off on hiatus due to technical difficulties, so they should be automatically skipped until they come back into play.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5
slow team

Team Pilot
ao3 team

Sonic Starters

Off we go into the wild blue yonder

Team Captains cairistiona, faded_lace, mousapelli, onyu, and bluedreaming, you are welcome to start your groups off with the words of your choosing, and the quickest sonic restarter to the draw is welcome to start sonic off again. In addition, kira_shadow has kindly agreed to start Team 3 off again so that Mousi doesn’t have to write two at once.

Notes for new players

If you are brand new, your author tag (“love ranger: your_user_name”) won't work the first time, so tag Mousi or Ansa instead (mousapelli or bluedreaming) and we’ll fix it manually. After the first fix, it seems to work fine afterwards. Don't forget to tag your post with which team, your username, and what fandom, and to lj-tag the next user on your team in the text of your post. You can check the sidebar if you aren't sure who comes after you.

Final notes and reminders

In case anybody needs a refresher, here are the Shiritori Guidelines, and the Sonic rules specifically.

I think that’s it, but if we’ve missed anything, please let us know. You’re welcome to comment here with any questions, other comments, and/or problems, or contact Mousi or Ansa directly (check the top of this post for our contact information). As a reminder, please comment if any of your contact/poke information has changed, and if you would like to opt out of the captains’ contact sheet (see the relevant section above for details). You’re also welcome to comment with your ao3 username and/or Dreamwidth username if you’d like.

Happy writing to all!

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