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[Team Four] Attic

" - needs rest in order to perform at its full capability," Sehun reads off of the small slip of paper he found at the bottom of the box. He looks up and frowns. "Are you sure this is what we're looking for?"

Junmyeon looks over, eyebrows raised, and holds out an expectant hand. Gingerly, Sehun places the oak wand in his palm and backs away slowly. He's hated dealing with ancient, volatile magic artifacts ever since a temperamental wizard's hat blew up on him a few years ago. It had taken him months to grow out his eyebrows again.

Holding the wand up to the dim light filtering in through the dusty skylight, Junmyeon examines the carved spirals that decorate the wand with a cautious eye. "What do the instructions say again?"

"Carved from an oaken tree cut from Merlins' courtyard. Experienced magical users only. Use three times and let be for two months. Needs rest in order to perform at its full capability," Sehun recites, twirling the little scrap of paper in his fingers. "When Chanyeol said he lost something important in his attic, I thought he meant his glasses or an old scrapbook or something. Where did he even get this from? You only really find magical items like this in museums or vaults."

Chanyeol, Sehun's friend and centuries old vampire had asked him to come over and clean out his attic a few weeks ago since Junmyeon and Sehun were magical item specialists. Granted, Chanyeol is several hundred years old and has more secrets up his sleeve than Sehun has hairs on his head, but vampires and magic have never mixed well - especially not Chanyeol and magic. Sehun thinks of the last time Chanyeol encountered a particularly vicious breed of pookas and shudders.

Junmyeon just shrugs and carefully places the wand on a teetering rocking chair, out of harm's way when they resume cleaning out Chanyeol's cluttered attic. "He probably dropped it here a couple centuries ago and forgot all about it. I wouldn't put it past him to just forget about something this important. How he's made it alive this long still beats me." He rolls up his sleeves and squats, gesturing to a large wooden box covered by cobwebs. "Now get your lazy butt over here and help me move this."

Rolling his eyes, Sehun complies, helping Junmyeon lift up the box with a wheeze. "God, Chanyeol better pay us a lot for all the work we're doing for him. What's even in here?"

"Only one way to find out."

Junmyeon pulls open one of the box's flaps and immediately falls back coughing as a cloud of dust is released. "Just what I need, eighteenth century dust poisoning," Sehun grouses, reluctantly pulling open the other flap and releasing another cloud of dust.

Using the feather duster he had brought up exclusively for this purpose, Sehun waves it over the box, trying to dispel any remaining poofs of dust. The box looks a lot older the things in Chanyeol's attic. Its paint is peeling and it feels deceptively fragile as Sehun shakes it. A loud thud sounds from within and Sehun shrinks back, looking at Junmyeon, alarmed.

"I can't believe I'm working with an idiot. First thing you do with a centuries old, possibly magical, box is to shake it? What if it had been a witch's amulet for god's sake? Do you want to be cursed for all of eternity and beyond?" Junmyeon massages his temples with a groan. "Just let me handle this."

"There's no way this is a witch's amulet. Those haven't been seen in a millennia," Sehun scoffs, placing his hands on his hips. "I bet it's probably some tea set Chanyeol's left up here since becoming a vampire. It's not like he needs food and stuff now." He peers into the box and pulls out a chipped teapot. "Look," he says. "I told you. Just a dumb old teapot. Nothing to worry about. It probably fell when I shook it." He shakes it again, just for fun.

"Wait," Junmyeon reaches out to stop him, but it's too late. A loud boom resounds through the room and they're both thrown back by an invisible force.

"Who the hell are you?" A voice shrieks.

Collecting himself up from the floor, Sehun rubs his head gingerly and blinks several times, trying to shake himself out of a daze. There's a large puff of smoke coalescing from the teapot into the form of a boy. Rapidly, the figure begins to solidify until Junmyeon and Sehun are staring straight into the eyes of a boy who looks like he just stepped out of the pages of Sehun's history book.

Completely and utterly confused, Sehun can only chuckle weakly. He looks into Junmyeon's murderous eyes, at the strange boy who is staring at him venomously, then back at Junmyeon. Fuck.

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