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[Team Three] Drunk Confession

Forever, that’s how long it’s been, or close to it anyway. At this point, Jesse wasn’t even sure how long he’d been in love with Juri. He remembered the first glow of admiration, how cool Juri had seemed when Jesse had first joined and Juri had helped him learn the dances, how bright Juri’s smile had been even then.

Sometimes he was almost sure that Juri liked him back - his first kiss had been with Juri, because Juri had offered to teach him, they had regular sleepovers that turned to cuddling more often than not, and he was pretty sure that watching porn together and jerking each other off weekly wasn’t a regular friend thing, but how could he be sure? Shintaro had complained that Juri’d stolen his first kiss when he just wanted a bite of Juri’s chocolate bar, sleepovers with any member of their group weren’t unusual at all and Jesse’d woken up curled against Kouchi’s or Hokuto’s back a number of times, and Taiga often teased Juri about the freaky porn he watched.

Jesse flopped down on the dressingroom couch, ending up half on top of Kouchi. “Take me out for dinner, my life is hard,” he complained. At least he had friends he could tell his woes to.

“That bad, huh?” Kouchi replied, not exactly sounding full of sympathy, but he did take Jesse to dinner so Jesse didn’t even have to call him a traitor.

It wasn’t like there’d been any changes since he’d last told Kouchi his troubles, but over ramen Jesse rambled on and on anyway, just glad to be able to get it all out. Kouchi made encouraging noises at the right places, which was all Jesse needed - it wasn’t like he thought anyone else could fix it for him, he needed to get over it or get the courage to confess already.

With work in the morning, he probably shouldn’t have been drinking, but the fruity, silly cocktails were sweet enough to cheer him up. Kouchi kept fussing with his phone, but at this point Jesse was drunk enough not to care if Kouchi wasn’t really listening anymore. He wasn’t even surprised when Juri walked in, Kouchi’s half-guilty look finally making sense. “Traitor,” he hissed at Kouchi, but he didn’t really mean it.

Juri’s shoulder bumped against his as Juri sat down. “What’s up?”

“Actually, I’ve got to go,” Kouchi replied, “I promised to be home early.”

“Traiiiiitor,” Jesse grumbled again, taking a sip of Malibu Pineapple to buy himself some time. He leaned against Juri, very aware of the warmth of Juri’s body and the brightness of his smile. The tips of his ears were probably red, the traitors, and if he opened his mouth he would probably blurt it all out and make things awkward.

Juri’s hand on his thigh didn’t make the decision any easier. Juri taking a sip of his drink and licking his lips didn’t help any either. Juri sniffing his hair to comment on his shampoo didn’t leave him any less indecisive.

Jesse opened his mouth, still not sure how to begin, but the words just tumbled out without any input from his brain. Half the words were English, the rest a ridiculous list of reasons why he wasn’t sure if Juri liked him back or not, but at least he got the important bits in there somewhere. Halfway through his rambling speech, Juri’s lips against his shut him up. When the kiss broke, Jesse blinked at Juri, his drunk brain unable to figure out if that was an answer.

“I like you too, you weirdo,” Juri said, brushing his thumb over Jesse’s bottom lip.

“You do?” Jesse blurted out.

Juri laughed, the sound sweet to Jesse’s ears. “Yes. What did you think, that I’d kiss you just because?” Juri grinned. “Well, you did think I crawled in your bed and touched your dick twice a week for no reason, so maybe you are that slow.” Leaning in close, he whispered right into Jesse’s ear, “I like you, Jesse. So take me home already.”

Jesse was probably a bit too drunk to be subtle about holding Juri’s hand on the train ride home, but they’d held hands plenty of times before without getting spotted by fans or paparazzi, so he wasn’t too worried. When he finally got Juri home, he wasn’t up to some smooth seduction dance, so he simply toppled him into bed. Juri certainly didn’t mind, hands wandering everywhere while they kissed.

It took some wriggling, but most of their clothes soon ended up in a heap on the floor, and Jesse hummed happily at the feel of Juri’s skin against his. He nuzzled Juri’s ear, then tugged on his piercings with his teeth. Drunk as he was, he didn’t think he had enough coordination for anything athletic, so he settled on simply sucking Juri’s dick. Decision made, Jesse crawled down and placed a kiss on Juri’s hip.

He’d sucked Juri’s dick before a couple of times, but it felt different now that it wasn’t just a friend thing. Jesse was pretty sure that his ears must be bright red - he wasn’t exactly embarrassed, but Juri looking at him like that didn’t leave him unaffected. Before he could say anything weird, he took Juri’s dick into his mouth, making sure his mouth was occupied.

Juri quickly hardened under his attentions, even though Jesse was sure that his sloppy drunk blowjob couldn’t have been all that great, but Juri clearly didn’t seem to mind. Juri dug his fingers into Jesse’s hair, half petting, half pulling, exactly how Jesse liked it best. Humming happily around Juri’s cock, Jesse licked and sucked, working Juri over thoroughly.

While he sucked, he rolled his hips, rubbing against the blankets. Juri kept murmuring his name, over and over, until Jesse was all flustered from the attention. He was definitely looking forwards to doing this again when he was sober and had the coordination to pound Juri into the mattress without falling off the bed.

“Close,” Juri gasped, but Jesse ignored the warning and continued to suck, swallowing all of Juri’s semen when Juri came a few moments later.

Jesse crawled up into Juri’s arms and kissed him, sharing the taste of Juri’s come. Even dizzy from orgasm, Juri kissed back with a lot of enthusiasm, clinging to Jesse in an entirely endearing way. Jesse hips were moving again, entirely of their own volition, rubbing his dick against Juri’s hip.

A minute or so later, Juri reached down with a shaky hand and curled his fingers around Jesse’s erection. Moaning happily, Jesse pressed his nose against Juri’s neck, trying to keep his noises down just a bit. Juri murmured into his ear, telling Jesse exactly what he’d like to do to him next time, so it didn’t take Jesse long at all to lose it. He came with a wail, his come spilling over Juri’s fingers in great spurts.

Once Jesse could move again, he rolled off Juri and turned the lights out. Cuddling close under the blankets, they fell asleep quickly, neither of them caring at all about the mess.
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