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[team two] something special

This totally did not end up going where I wanted it to go, but

"A distraction?" Juri asks in surprise and Taiga's cheeks flush just a little as he nods. He doesn't avert his eyes though.

"Anything...just to draw everyone's attention for a minute or me and Taisuke can slip away."

Juri's eyebrows raise slowly as a smirk slides onto his face, he doesn't look mocking though, if anything he looks impressed. "Getting it on at work...that's... adventurous"

Taiga punches him lightly in the arm as his cheeks heat up even more. "It's not about ‘adventurous’, it's about 'I barely ever get to fucking see him'...will you do it?"

If anyone can create enough noise to distract half the damn agency then it's Juri - it's hardly the most ideal situation, on a short break in the middle of a Johnny's sports day, but with SixTONES’s Kansai shows and Fujigaya's drama and the tour preparations, it really has been a while since they last met.

"You owe me one." Juri answers, a smug grin still tugging at his lips and then he's disappearing into the crowd.

Juri emerges again a few moments later on the other side of the room, climbing up onto a table with a megaphone in his hand.

A rap battle wasn't exactly what Taiga had in mind when he asked for Juri's help, but it does the trick. All faces turn enthusiastically to Juri, and Fuma too, who is already half way onto the the table himself to apparently help MC.

Taiga weaves his way through the crowd of on-lookers under the pretence of getting closer, but as soon as he's close enough to Fujigaya, he slips his hand wordlessly into the other man's.

Fujigaya turns, the corner of his lips rising ever so slightly at Taiga's nervous smile.

It's Fujigaya that leads them out, closing the door to the dressing room quietly behind them before leading Taiga along two corridors and into an empty rehearsal room.

Taiga is almost trembling with anticipation by the time Fujigaya turns and presses him lightly into the rehearsal room door. He presses in closer, his eyes soft and yet smouldering, and Taiga has to bite his lip to restrain himself as Fujigaya smiles, both doting and mesmerising.

"I like​ it." Fujigaya says, his voice all quiet and low, seductive despite the innocence of his words and Taiga’s eyebrows furrow in confusion for a moment before Fujigaya’s hand moves to stroke through the short spikes of his hair. It only serves as a reminder of just how long it’s been.

They’re not a couple, they’re not even exclusive, they both see other people but there’s no denying that they have something special, that there’s always been something there, for years, since it was as confusing as it was forbidden.

“I’ve missed you...” Taiga replies, unable to hold back, and Fujigaya seems to have as little patience left himself. His eyes look torn for a moment, the way they always do, but then their lips are crashing together, Fujigaya’s body pressing harder against his as the hand in his hair tightens.

Handing the baton to faded_lace. Is that us done or are we continuing while waiting for the other teams?

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