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[team two] ski… rts and frills: chicken basket medley

I didn't want to skip at this last round, sorry for being late.

"All of this? Just to turn me off?" Kenzou says, expression and tone incredulous, as he takes in Jun's (Julia, he mentally corrects himself) clothing. Kenzou stares extra hard at the other man's prettily made-up face and long weave. "Are you serious?"

Jun just stares back, as if expecting this reaction, but he isn't feeling too victorious. "Well it's working isn't it? I can tell you're grossed out. Disgusted." There's no trace of accusation in Jun's voice, just laying the bare facts.

The look on Kenzou's face turns even more incredulous, and Jun barely manages to hold in a biting remark, saved by the sing-song voice calling out to him over the club's noise. "Hey, Julia~"

It's a voice Jun would recognize anywhere, even with his back turned, and even when the pitch is forcibly raised to match the characters they're playing. Jun turns to find Kenta, his face friendly and familiar despite being similarly dolled-up like his own. And Jun forces himself to smile, turning toward the voice with a perky response of his own. "Kelly~ what's up?"

"Time for the next show," Kenta says, tone light and lilting. His eyes are saying something else entirely, though, a question in his gaze as he acknowledges the man in front of Jun.

Jun turns toward Kenzou and bends halfway down in a small bow before walking away with Kenta at his side, thankful for the distraction.

I'm out of brain power. 😱😱😱 But time passes so fast and so before the week ends, I've got to move it along. Straight to thesecretdoor, since yomimashou is still on hiatus.
Tags: *team two, fandom: asian dramas, fandom: general juniors, fandom: msm/noon boyz/snow men, love ranger: dusk037
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