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[team sonic] at last

Starting words from here

A sweet moan filled the air between them as a hand tightened in Yamada's hair. It was soft, higher than he'd expected, all breath and sweet relief, nothing of the desperation he'd envisioned. It was intoxicating.

He leaned in again, his lips barely brushing Yuto's, his eyes flicking from the tiny scar on Yuto's top lip to his eyes, trying to read them.

"Ryosuke..." Yuto said, his voice barely more than a sigh, but the slight furrow in his eyebrows, the hard edge to his expression, the way his fingers trembled as they clenched in his hair, spoke volumes of his restraint.

Yamada leaned in again, claiming another kiss, then another and this time Yuto's lips crushed hard against his, a long, harsh breath fanning across his cheek. "Yuto" Yamada gasped back, his senses over taking him, desire driving him as he moved his lips faster to keep time with Yuto.

Yuto was panting slightly when he finally pulled away, his hand moving from Yamada's hair to his cheek, a thumb stroking lightly across Yamada's kiss-swollen lips . "You don't know how long I've been waiting..."

Tags: *team sonic, fandom: hey!say!jump, love ranger: thesecretdoor
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