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[Team Four] lazy mornings

Your generic lazy morning taekook while I'm still working on trans woman!kook and queer!tae.

In one swift move, Taehyung hits Jungkook’s sleeping face with a crumpled piece of paper. He snickers from his seat across the bed. It causes Jungkook to wake, sitting up with a scowl in place and grumbling, “What?”

“We need to buy groceries.” The victorious grin on Taehyung’s face does nothing to quell Jungkook’s annoyance. “We have training later so we should go now.”

Jungkook whines and flops back on the bed, pulling the covers up over his head. “You go. I was up all night organizing and checking and rechecking everyone’s schedules and deadlines.”

“I bet Yoongi-hyung’s was the worse.” Taehyung comments, deciding to walk over to the bed and lie on top of his lover. The groan from underneath the depths of the blanket causes him to laugh. He feels Jungkook squirm and takes pity. Soon, he finds himself beside the other, face-to-face. “Hey there, love.”

“Hey, love.” Jungkook sighs with a resigned disposition. There’s probably no more going back to sleep but he still tugs Taehyung closer. They stay as they are for a long moment. “Yours is almost as bad as him, you know.”

Jungkook’s slight pout and sour tone makes Taehyung laugh and snuggle closer, uncaring if his clothes are wrinkled. He presses his nose lightly against Jungkook’s before kissing the pout away. “My poor Kookie.”

Jungkook leans in for another kiss. “Yeah. Do you know how crazy your scheds are? I don’t know how you guys can keep to your deadlines and meet with clients.”

“We have you keeping us afloat and mellowing all the clients with those dashing good looks and charm.” Taehyung smirks, bringing a hand up to stroke under Jungkook’s chin. “Okay, love, go back to sleep. I’ll go to the grocery.”

As Taehyung moves to get up, Jungkook hugs him tighter. “Stay with me. We’ll shop later. Tomorrow.”

Taehyung thinks of that last cup of ramyeon and some leftovers in the fridge. He looks down at Jungkook, looking pleadingly. It’s a no-brainer. He lies back and spoons Jungkook, nosing the soft hair and sighing as Jungkook relaxes against him. The grocery can wait. The designs for clients can wait. The company training can wait. His lover needs rest.

It's your turn lotusk! :)
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