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[Team 3] Waiting

More of the Tottsu and Fujigaya are statues AU.

“Stretching can wait, you have to come with me.” Hasshi burst into the room, interrupting the training session his band members were having with some juniors. He should apologize for interrupting.

For a moment he could see the panic on everyone’s faces, thinking something was wrong, but then Kawai was striding over to him, his face curious, yet somehow full of wonder.

“You fixed it?”

“Not yet, but we made progress. So come on!” Hasshi pulled Fumi from the room, dragging him down hallways and around corners, and he was certain that the rest of his band was following them.

Hopefully not the juniors, but the room was pretty much off limits to most of the agency, so that was at least good.

Kitayama was actually already in the room when they arrived, and from his smile, it seemed that he had been able to talk to Tottsu some.

“Shota says that they can see, even if he couldn’t hear anyone else. So, If i want a chance to interact with Taipi I need to make some signs. He can read them, at the very least. And it will give him someone to interact with, so to speak.”

“Watta ia still….?” Kawai trailed off and Kitayama sighed.

“He seems to think that something is off. But, with the recent dating scandals, and work stress, and everything he isnt focusing on the problem.

“That or he is in denial.”

“Could very well be” Hasshi drawled in response and Kitayama just raised an eyebrow at Tottsu.

“Reminds me of someone I know.”

Hasshi couldn’t keep from smiling at the outraged huff from the statue.

“The sooner you get started forcing Taipi to deal with his own insecurities, the sooner you can make some progress. Probably.” Hasshi commented, smiling wide, as Kawai, Tsukada and Gocchi just stared in shock.

“Tottsu’s insecurities?” Gocchi was the first one who managed to speak, the four of them crowding arounf Tottsu as Kitayama slipped away.

“Yup. Tottsu kept us at a distance ‘cause he didn’t think that he was worth us loving. I told him he was stupid. And he doesn’t to tell us how to feel about him”

“And that fixed the problem?” Kawai drawled.

“I am talking, now, aren’t I?”

“So, the bigger question is how to we get you breathing, and moving?” Goseki’s voice was thoughtful and Hasshi smiled.

“I have a plan. A wonderful plan. I call it operation smother Tottsu with as much love as possible until he stops being stupid and realizes that we LOVE him.”

Tsukada was the one who started laughing first, because Hasshi looked so proud of himself, his arm slung around the statue, his cheek pressed against Tottsu’s.

“So, when do we start?” Tsukada grinned, and they could all hear Tottsu groan.

“Right now.” Hasshi grinned, pressing a kiss to the statue's cheek.

He would keep the confession to himself. Tottsu was still, above all, a private person. And the confession, the long awaited confession, was something personal. Hasshi just hoped that Tottsu meant it, but he was drawn away as the others pressed forward, smothering the statue with kisses and hugs and affection.

Later that night, after long talks with Tottsu, and then a celebratory dinner, or sorts, with his band mates, Hasshi came back to the room. It was clear that Kitayama and Tamamori had been by. In front of Fujigaya was a collection of signs and posters.

It was one in particular that hade his breath catch in his throat.

I am worried about Kitayama. From your face, I have reason to be. What did he write?”

Hasshi took a deep breath, his words soft in the room.

“I know I am not who you want, but I love you. I miss you. I am not complete without you here. It is pointless to do this without you.”


“I agree with him though.” Hasshi turned to look at Tottsu, making sure his face was open and honest. “I 100% agree. It is pointless without you. So hurry up and finishing coming back to me. I need to hear you confess to me properly. In person. Face to face.”

And if I never can?

“Well, then I guess I will wait with you, forever.”

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