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[team sonic] relief

Some very rushed and random porn because I haven't been writing nearly enough these days >_< Also I suck at titling.

Starting words from here.

Relief finds him, sweet, sweet relief. Sweet but brief.

Taiga cries out.

Warm lips are around him once more, moist and supple, tightening, moving down, sucking in. Taiga cries out.

There’s an amused hum, all nasal because Shirota’s mouth is already occupied. It sends vibrations along Taiga’s cock all the same and his next noise sounds more like a sob.

“Please...” he breathes. It’s been merely minutes but they feel like hours. They may have actually been days, months, maybe years because Taiga can’t remember, can’t concentrate enough to think, to work out how long it’s been that he’s wanted Shirota. “Please...” he whines again, and tears slip from beneath his lids as his eyes close and roll back, Shirota’s mouth moving down once more.

“Kids these days...” Shirota starts, a light popping as Taiga falls from his lips, but Taiga is more concerned with the lack of heat around his cock than the rest of sentence. He’s so close, he’s already so broken.

His hand is in Shirota’s hair, he’s not sure since when, but his fingers tighten involuntarily as he hisses, his hips bucking up to meet Shirota’s lips again and he can almost feel the smirk spreading across them. His hand shakes, frozen, torn between holding Shirota’s head there, released from his tortuous teasing, and tugging it back down, desperate to feel.

Shirota makes the call for him. He leans down, sucking Taiga in quickly, his head bobbing, continuous, unrelenting and Taiga’s fingers scramble against his scalp, searching for something to hold onto as he’s dragged mercilessly into ecstasy.

He cries out again, sharper, louder. His head spinning faster until his mind shatters apart in pure white bliss.

Then relief, sweet relief.

Shirota hums, looking up at him with hungry eyes as he swallows.

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