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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

Round/Shuffle/Ao3 Pilot

There were too many things going on so we needed a new sticky post.

1. Reshuffle post - most of you have checked in but please comment if you have not.

2. As a community we seem okay to stay on LJ for the time being (28 ppl said they'd still play here and 0 said they'd quit). If later you decide deleting your journal or moving to DW is what you have to do personally, just let one of us know. If eventually some of you guys would prefer to start a DW version of this game, that is a-okay as well.

2a. I made a DW version of this comm and have backed all the entries up to it in case of some kind emergency or deletion.

3. If you are interested in joining the Ao3 pilot go here to see what's up. For at least this round they'll be their own team. Ansa says even if you are posting here like regular, you are welcome to add past or current reposts on Ao3 to the collection "shiritori" or "sonic_shiritori" if you'd like.

4. Aside from collapsing a team, most of you said you were happy with your teams so we're going to just kick it over as soon as everybody finishes the round, and most of you are there or almost there already:

Team 1: it's at Team Captain cairistiona anyway (done)
Team 2: Team Captain faded_lace just posted (done)
Team 3: only doctoggy and orangegreenlove yet to go
Team 4: basically lotusk and listea yet to go
Team 5: only fairyminseok yet to go
Team 6: has the most to go: laughingvirus, amaxingbaek, hunhunya, and elindar
Team 7: it's at Team Captain me anyway (done)

So looks like some of you guys will be on break while this wraps up - you're welcome to either enjoy your off time, post to Sonic, or work it out with your captain if people want to take a few extra turns quick.

Anything I'm missing?
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