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[team three] Long-distance friends

"I had ramen for lunch today," Yuri says softly, not wanting anyone to overhear. He's in Tokyo for the World Team Trophy and it's been too long since he's been in the land of the rising sun. The list of things he needs to eat while in Japan do not at all match the list of food he's allowed to eat at the moment. "If Lilia or Yakov find out, I'm dead. Katsudon too since he's the one that took me."

Otabek's amused chuckle comes over the receiver so clearly he could have been standing right next to him. "I'm surprised Victor didn't try to stop you."

Yuri snorts, shoving down the sudden pang of loneliness he feels in his chest. "He has Katsudon running laps around the venue as we speak to make up for it. Ugh. The flight over here was fucking terrible. They were gross the whole way."

"I'm sure you handled the situation with grace and tact."

Yuri's frown deepens. "Grace. Sure. Tons. Tact. All of that."

Since becoming friends at the GPF, he and Otabek had fallen into a routine of constant texting and video chats when they could manage. It's only been a few months but he wonders if it's normal for him to feel like this. He's not sure because he's never really had a friend before. It royally sucks that they don't even live in the same country.

He kicks at the ground a bit. He shouldn't miss Otabek so much, he tells himself, having been reunited for Worlds in Helsinki. It hasn't even been a month since Worlds, and yet here he is, missing the other skater like he's physically missing a piece of him. God, he's such a loser. He wishes so damned much that Kazakhstan participated in this competition too.

"I wish I were there too," Otabek says quietly and Yuri's face goes hot. Shit. He hadn't meant to say that out loud. He tries to find something to say, anything really, to cover up that embarrassing slip of tongue, but Otabek is talking again before he can come up with anything. "You'll be going to Katsuki's hometown after the Trophy right?"

"Oh. Um. Yeah," he replies hurriedly. Pressing the back of his hand into his cheek willing them to cool down, Yuri clings to the seemingly new tangent in their conversation. "This is the last competition for the season so Yakov didn't give me too hard a time about taking the time. He knows I'll probably use the rink down there anyway."

They talk about Hasetsu a bit, Yuri looking forward to seeing Yuko and maybe indulging in Katsuki-mama's attentions. It never fails to amaze him how welcome he feels when he's there.

Otabek starts to say something, but Yuri cuts him off when he sees Yakov stalking down the hall his way. He quickly checks the time and realizes he's late. "Crap. I gotta go. I'm supposed to be on the ice, practicing."

"Message me later."

"Yeah," Yuri says in a voice that is in large contrast to Yakov's bellowing once bouncing off the walls from down the hall about how Yuri needing to have been warmed up ages ago. He knows he'll talk to Otabek again soon and yet he feels still feels sad hanging up.

He hesitates and he might just be a bit crazy but he thinks maybe Otabek hesitates too. Yakov's voice gets louder and Otabek must hear it too because he sighs and says, "Go. We'll talk later."

Yuri ignores Yakov as he passes his coach to head toward the rink, phone still pressed up to his ear.
All the other men's skaters are already on the ice. He sees Victor give a curious look, probably wondering where he's been. Yuri flips him off with his free hand as he reaches where his stuff is.

"I'll call when I get back to the hotel," he murmurs and starts to stretch.

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