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[team one] food for lions

A little unfinished drabble. From that Sense8 AU I started on a while back and haven't continued.

“I'm starving. Do you think I could have some of that?”

Taekwoon almost drops the lion food he’s carrying. He really didn’t expect company. To his right, there’s Jaehwan, sketchbook in hand. He’s looking at Taekwoon, and their eyes meet for a moment, until Taekwoon breaks the contact.

Lifting his bucket, he shrugs. “It’s mostly raw meat. If you want some, you’re welcome to help yourself, but you’d have to fight the lions for it.”

Jaehwan looks at the lions wandering around their area, perfectly peaceful, and grins. “I put up a good fight,” he says confidently. “But I wouldn’t want to hurt them, so I’ll pass.”

The lions have caught on to Taekwoon now, and slowly they make their way closer to the fence, clearly anticipating dinner. He is absently aware of Jaehwan following him as he says a soft “hello” to them and enters the enclosure. He’s still not used to the idea that Jaehwan isn’t really there - it feels like the man is simply any other person joining him in the enclosure to feed the lions.

“They’re so majestic,” Jaehwan marvels; Taekwoon turns to look and sees his eyes wide. He always watches things with such childlike amazement - something Taekwoon sees a lot in the zoo, but is still a lovely sight.

“Do you want to try feeding them?” The suggestion is out of his mouth before he can process the idea, but it’s not a bad one. Jaehwan gapes a little, though, unsure.

“Could I?” he asks carefully, as if Taekwoon is going to change his mind. “I don’t know how to.”

Taekwoon smiles. “I’ll show you.”

It's the end of the round but I'll tag cairistiona
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