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[team sonic] Þau hafa sloppið undan þunga myrkursins

I woke up just before 4 AM from one of the most bizarre, strange, and frankly horrifying nightmares I've had in ages, so I thought I might as well do something about it. Thankfully, no warnings apply to this.

First words from Call. The title is a song by Ólafur Arnalds that means something along the lines of "they have escaped the heavy darkness" and the inspiration for this particular character grouping is the choreography by Yoo Junsun for the Don Diablo Remix of Keeping Your Head Up by Birdy.

[Þau hafa sloppið undan þunga myrkursins]

Shiah lets out a breath that sounds like relief, but her heart's still pounding in her chest, a reminder tapping away at her ribcage that keeps repeating the words—

"You okay?" The voice is hushed, barely a breath of air and Shiah doesn't yank her head around to peer into the shadows. She knows it's just Junsun, but her heart's still pounding and refuses to be as easily persuaded.

"Just a bad dream," she whispers back. There's a warm hand wrapping around hers before she even has to ask, and for once she's glad of this constant oppressing darkness—she probably looks wrecked and even though Junsun's only a year younger than her, she'd rather not relinquish something else she has over him, after he's long surpassed her in height and weight.

Sometimes petty sibling rivalries are what carry you forward, after all.

"Just a few more days," Junsun whispers, even though they both know the importance of keeping silent. The Jólakötturinn is roaming the shadowed hills, after Kertasníkir stole the sun. They're camped at the edge of Lake Mývatn, and Dimmuborgir is yawning in wait for them, eastward, where Grýla is waiting.

Shiah nods, more to reassure herself than her brother—they can hardly see each other in the dim light from the stars that remain in the sky. "A few days," she whispers.

She doesn't think about what they're going to find when they get there, how they're going to do this. She doesn't think about what the jólasveinarnir have already done. No one's ever outmatched Shiah on grim determination and even though her heart is still pounding, it's a firm reminder that she's still alive, Junsun beside her, and they'll do what has to be done to fix this.

Junsun squeezes her hand, and Shiah squeezes back. And sometimes family is the only thing that keeps you going through the dark.

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