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[team two] bite the bullet

This is awful and rushed and totally not the porn I intended on writing! It is words though so I didn't have to skip -

The ride home was taking too long for Yamada’s liking, far too long. He shuffled in his seat, willing away his discomfort while shooting a glare at Yuto beside him, whose lips were twitching into a lop-sided smirk.

Keito glanced over at his movement, his eyebrows still wearing their slight wrinkle of concern though it was already more than an hour since Yamada’s uncharacteristic outburst. ‘Take a nap if you’re tired.’ Keito had told him, handing him a blanket, as they’d boarded the shinkansen but Yamada had only nodded tensely, he wasn’t about to admit it wasn’t fatigue that was getting to him.

Yuto’s smirk only grew, his shoulders starting to shake lightly in amusement and a mischievous twinkle lit up his eyes as his fingers danced once more along the in-seam of Yamada’s jeans. Yamada’s fingers clenched tighter around the blanket as he wriggled again, unsure if it was to feel more or less of the teasing touch.

Two weeks it had been, two weeks since he last felt Yuto’s warm hands against his skin, two weeks of being busy with work and being separated for room shares. Two weeks and then a desperate, searing kiss that had left Yamada’s knees weak and his insides burning. Another one had followed, even harder, all air and gasps and duelling tongues, a hiss as Yuto’s teeth sunk sharply into his bottom lip and his hips pressed Yamada into the hotel room wall. Then there had been a sudden rapping knock against the door and Yamada’s manager calling through that they had to leave to catch the bullet train.

“It won’t be long until we’re home.” Yuto said, his voice almost sounding comforting despite the hint of glee in his expression, but his fingers trailed back down, caressing for just a moment the skin of Yamada’s knee, bared by the rip in his jeans. As Yuto’s hand started back up, skipping tortuously slowly from one rip to the next beneath the blanket, Yamada gritted his teeth against the agonising combination of arousal and frustration. It would be long enough.

If we're going for another round before reshuffle then you're up captain faded_lace

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