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[Team Three] Chauffeur Keito

This is stupid and short because my head is splitting open today. Please enjoy(?)

“All yours,” Chinen says, mustering up the sweetest and most innocent voice possible.

It somehow doesn’t work on Keito today.

“Bribing me with a cupcake isn’t going to work,” he answers, pushing the cutely decorated dessert back across the table to Chinen. “Did you even buy this yourself or did you somehow convince Ryosuke to buy it for you?”

Chinen avoids making eye contact. After a few moments, he instead switches tactics and just makes a pouty face at Keito, hoping he’d have more luck with a classic tactic.

“Noooooo,” Keito whines, “I’m not driving you to all the way to a ramen museum in Yokohama. I refuse. If you really want ramen, you can literally go to the restaurant next door.”

Chinen slaps his hand on the table in frustration before repeating his earlier arguments to convince Keito. “But it’s a museum! It’s informative! We can learn things. And we can sample lots of different kinds of ramen. Imagine having Sapporo-style ramen without having to fly all the way to Hokkaido.” He claps his hands together in an imploring gesture.

“Why don’t you just ask Takaki to drive you?” Keito asks, still looking unswayed by Chinen’s arguments. Although he is starting to eye the uneaten cupcake on the table.

“He promised to take me to Osaka next week, so I can’t ask him again,” Chinen explains simply.

Keito sighs while he rubs his face with his hands. “Okay fine,” he gives up as he runs out of patience, probably realizing that Chinen would keep asking for the next several hours until he agreed. Chinen always gets his way in the end.

Persistence really pays off. At least for Chinen anyway.

“Yay!” Chinen cheers as he jumps up from the table.

Keito digs his car keys out of his pocket and snags the nearly-forgotten cupcake too, so it wouldn’t go to waste. “Let’s go,” he says between cupcake bites. “But next time, I wish you’d plan out these adventures ahead of time. I had ramen for lunch.”

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