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[Mod Post] Reshuffle and Poll

Hi, Shiritoreers! So it's finally spring here and we are probably due for a team shuffle, to the extent that any of you want to do that, lol. It usually takes us a couple weeks to sort this out anyway, so keep taking your turns as usual, but meanwhile comment here if you intend to keep playing, if you are/still want to be a team captain, if you want to join, etc. Feel free to link and send new people to this post!

also put in your comment if you have any special requests about which team, want to be on the same team as someone else, need a particular person to poke you, prefer Twitter or LJ pm or whatever, you know, whatever. If you aren't comfortable posting your request publicly, you can either DM me on twitter or email me at gmail (mousapelli) both places. If you would prefer to stay with your current captain, mention that too, it's totally fine. Honestly if your whole team wants to stay as is, greato, it's not like i'm mixing things up just to cause a drama.

I'm going to change the Sonic rules just slightly: anybody can post to Shiritori Sonic, so you don't have to sign up. But if you are interested in being a restarter, somebody who throws down a new Sonic starter when they notice it's gone dead, put that in your comment. I think having at least 3-4 of those would be good, and none of them should be me.

I also want to ask what you guys want to do about staying on LJ, in case some of you were deleting or thinking about quitting for that reason. To be real, I'm not deleting my own LJ, but I'm not opposed to finding out what you guys think or plan to do. I'll be backing up the comm to DW regardless anyway, in case you are worried about it being deleted suddenly. The way I see it there are several options:

1. Stay on LJ, nothing changes. This is my personal preference because I'm LJ permanent and am not going anywhere.
2. Move to DW entirely. I'm not opposed to this since it would work the same. After backing up the comm, we'd just start posting over there instead. I have no intention of deleting the LJ comm either way, I'd just let it sit here.
3. If people's feelings are strong and evenly split, some could stay on LJ and keep going, and some could make new teams on the DW comm instead, starting from the backup. The two comms would diverge at that point and be two different comms.

If we did #3, just to say, we'd need a new mod to take over on DW. There's no earthly way I can mod two separate comms when I'm barely managing this one.

Poll #2066481 Shiritori's Home Base

Should Shiritori stay on LJ?

I'd prefer to stay on LJ
I'd prefer to move to Dreamwidth
I would be fine either way

Do you have a Dreamwidth account?

Yes, I'm already on DW
No, but I'd be willing to make one
No, and I'm not interested in making one

Check however many apply

if shiritori stays on LJ, I'll play
if shiritori stays on LJ, I won't play any longer
if shiritori moves to DW, I'll play
if shiritori moves to DW, I won't play any longer
if shiritori splits, I'll say on LJ
if shiritori splits, I'll move to DW
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