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[Team Five]

Look at me, posting on time and stuff.

“Indeed,” comes Yifan’s rumbling voice from the other room.

Jongin glares in the direction it came from, knowing that it won’t do any good. Until Yifan has finished going over every new suggestion their patrols have given him, he won’t stop talking. And that means Lu Han, Jongin’s mate, is stuck in there with him, helping Yifan make the final decisions on what should be changed.

Sometimes Jongin hates that he fell head over paws for the pack Alpha’s best friend and second in command. It means that while other couples are left to be alone at night, Jongin has to fight Yifan for time with Lu Han. The two of them have to be able to smell Jongin’s dissatisfaction even if they’re in the larger room of the hut. Jongin isn’t very good at hiding his impatience when it comes to his mate.

He should be more respectful, he knows that.

He should feel proud that he’s wound an alpha as strong and sweet as Lu Han around his finger. And he does. It’s just that Jongin is selfish for his alpha’s attention - unabashedly so.

With a grumbling sigh, Jongin slinks away from the door and to bed, curling up on the spot Lu Han usually sleeps in just for that extra burst of his scent and the calm that follows. Lu Han had barely gotten back from his meeting with another pack - a meeting that had taken him away for just over a week - when Yifan ambushed him. Yifan had apologized profusely to Jongin who had only spent minutes with his alpha before he’d had to leave them to their work.

Jongin eventually falls asleep, a frown on his face and the rumbling of low voices in the background.

Jongin wakes to warmth spreading from his stomach, radiating out from where Lu Han’s palm is pressed to his bare skin. Grogginess clings to Jongin, but he blinks through it, a noise of satisfaction slipping from his lips when Lu Han leaves a kiss on the back of his neck. It’s meant to be placating, but it’s not enough.

He turns over, drawing Lu Han in even as Lu Han tries to scoot back and give Jongin space. There’s a smile on Lu Han’s face, an indulgent one that Jongin has gotten used to seeing in the privacy of their own room. No one else gets this smile. Jongin wants to kiss it, so he does.

The kiss lingers, Lu Han’s hand skimming up Jongin’s spine and his leg draped over Jongin’s thigh. Jongin curls his arm around Lu Han’s waist, pleased that he feels nothing but skin; it saves time.

“Missed you,” Lu Han whispers between kisses.

Jongin hums, shimmying himself just a little closer. “Missed you more,” he murmurs.

Lu Han grins, but doesn’t argue. Jongin always says it even if he doesn’t really think it’s true. Jongin’s confident enough to know that Lu Han is just as dedicated to him as he is to Lu Han.

“Should I let you sleep?” Lu Han offers. It’s an empty gesture; he’s already nudging Jongin onto his back, moonlight catching in his eyes as he dips to push his nose to Jongin’s neck, kissing along the mark he’d left behind two summers ago.

Jongin doesn’t answer. He doesn’t need to. He threads his fingers in blond strands of hair and uses his grip to pull Lu Han to his mouth. Jongin legs spread and Lu Han fits between them with ease. A soft moan skitters up Jongin’s throat, his hips rocking up as Lu Han’s weight presses them down.

Lu Han licks into Jongin’s mouth, groans as his hands find a home on Jongin’s thighs, lifting them to settle on his narrow hips. Jongin loves the press of Lu Han’s fingers on his thighs, the heat of his alpha as they rock together. It’s not fast even if Jongin’s heart is racing and he yearns for more more more. Now that he has Lu Han right where he wants him, he knows that Lu Han isn’t going anywhere. Not tonight.

Lu Han rubs his face along Jongin’s jaw, his neck, nuzzling along his shoulder as his hands run down to Jongin’s knees and back up. He’s spreading his scent, making sure that when Jongin walks out tomorrow, the only thing the pack will smell is Lu Han. Jongin revels in it, head tipped back and cock hardening as Lu Han keeps moving, keeps touching him.

Jongin is already panting, already sweating when he feels the drag of Lu Han’s cock over his balls, slipping down his crack. Lu Han moans, holding himself with one hand as his other pushes Jongin’s thighs open a little further. Lu Han stares, eyes drinking in the image of his cock pressing against Jongin’s rim. Teasing. Maddening. It used to embarrass Jongin, but now he loves it, especially when he clenches and it pushes Lu Han away. Lu Han always growls, his eyes flashing red.

When Lu Han’s cock slides into Jongin, it goes in slowly. Jongin moans out Lu Han’s name, buzzing with anticipation. Lu Han curves over him, pushing in deeper as Jongin hikes his legs onto Lu Han’s hips again. Jongin can feel Lu Han’s knot beginning to grow inside him, and he can’t wait to have it plugging him up, keeping him full as he falls asleep in his alpha’s arms.

Lu Han keeps it slow, his eyes burning as he watches Jongin. Jongin watches him too, admiring the way Lu Han’s muscles tense with every thrust, the way the pleasure washes over his face when Jongin clenches purposely around him, the way his fingers curl into Jongin’s skin to leave crescent shaped marks of possession.

Jongin leaves his own marks on Lu Han - matching lines of red down his arms, bruises in the shape of his fingers when he grasps just too hard when Lu Han thrusts into him harder, faster. Jongin steals Lu Han’s mouth again, tasting his mate, wanting so much more of him.

“My Jongin,” Lu Han croons against Jongin’s lips. “Will you come for me?”

Jongin whines, whimpers when Lu Han’s knot tugs on his rim, but doesn’t come out. It’s too big now, almost as big as it’s going to get. Jongin rocks on it, nodding to answer his mate as he feels his climax singing beneath his skin. It’s a song he knows well, one that he’s perfected with Lu Han.

Lu Han’s mouth is hot on Jongin’s jaw, trailing down to his neck. His teeth scrape over the scar of his bite and Jongin’s toes curl, his back arching as he comes between them. Lu Han jerks forward, hips slapping against Jongin’s ass as his knot swells to its fullest. He grinds it deeper into Jongin who is still coming when the first pulse of Lu Han’s orgasm rushes through him.

Jongin locks his ankles around Lu Han’s back, bringing him closer, enjoying the breathy gasp that escapes. He peppers kisses over Lu Han’s shoulder and neck, every part of him absolutely satiated and basking in the afterglow. Lu Han ruts forward every so often, a muffled groan following as Jongin pets through Lu Han’s hair.

“I hope you’re comfortable,” Jongin whispers.

Lu Han breathes out a laugh. “Are you falling asleep on me already?”

Jongin clenches around Lu Han’s dick. “Yes, and you have to be my blanket so I don’t get cold.”

“My Jongin is so cute,” Lu Han croons, raising to leave a kiss on the corner of Jongin’s mouth. “Your wish is my command.”

Jongin scrunches his nose. “You’re damn right it is,” he fake huffs.

Lu Han snorts and Jongin grins at him, letting out a satisfied sigh. “Wake me in the morning?” Jongin asks.

“Not a chance,” Lu Han answers, shifting to get more comfortable. “I refuse to have you pouting with your sleepy face all day. You’re sleeping in. I’m sleeping in. I made Yifan promise not to bother us.”

Jongin wraps his arms around Lu Han and hugs him tight. “You’re the best.”

“I know, baby. I know.”

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