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[Team 2] Through a haze,577 words, Tamamori/Miyata

Title: Through a haze
Group: Kis-my-ft2
Pair: Tamamori/Miyata
Summary: Miyata has come down with a cold, but he’s promised Tamamori an amazing date and they’ve finally both got the day off together, so he pushes himself too far. Tamamori is very displeased when he catches on.
Rating: PG (some swearing)
A/N: My computer is broken, so did this on my phone, sorry for mistakes!

“You idiot! How could you do something this stupid? We’ve got work coming up soon!” Tamamori continued to berate Miyata, but for his part Miyata just grinned and let his weight be mostly on Tamamori as they walked. It was awkward with their height difference, and Tamamori was positive that his shoulder would be aching later.

They had finally gotten a day off together. Miyata grinned from ear to ear once he noticed to match up on their fridge door. It has been months since the two of them had a proper date. He quickly messaged Tamamori about the date and began to beg for the next two weeks to go by quickly. Sure they lived together so at least got to be near one another, but that was different from a date in Miyata's mind.

When Miyata woke up the day of their date he felt hot and could feel his nose running. Slowly disentangling himself from Tamamori he trudged his way to the bathroom. One look at himself in the mirror caused him to curse. With a determined look, Miyata rummaged through their medicine cabinet for some medicine and even put on some makeup to make himself look normal. Once he was as normal looking as he was going to get, Miyata went to wake up Tamamori. Neither of them were that amazing at cooking so they decided to eat out for the day.

Once Tamamori was ready, they left the house, Miyata determined to enjoy their date. Tamamori watched him for a moment during breakfast, “Oii, you're even more spaced out than usual!” Miyata looked at Tamamori slightly startled, but forced himself to smile and scrunch his eyes up while apologizing.

Tamamori pouted but seemed to let it go. Miyata was, for once, happy they couldn't touch much in public, he didn't want Tamamori catching whatever he had. They had plans to go to the amusement park that day and Tamamori looked truly excited.

Miyata lasted until lunch before he couldn't hide how he felt. The medicine wore off and he suddenly felt very dizzy. Tamamori frowned at him, reaching a hand over to feel Miyata’s forehead. “You have a fucking fever! How long have you been sick?!”

“...this morning?” Miyata mumbled it, but Tamamori caught it. The look on his face was livid, and Miyata suddenly felt more miserable. Then, Tamamori was pulling him close and dragging him along, “you'll get sick!” Miyata attempted to protest, but a quick glare from Tamamori stopped him. In all honesty Tamamori was what was keeping Miyata upright at the moment.

They continued to walk out of the park, Tamamori’s grip a bit too tight, but cameras be damned he was getting Miyata home safe. Miyata's head was a dizzy mess, “I'm sorry I ruined out date, Yuta.”

Tamamori stopped them at the mention of his name. He stared at Miyata a mix of worry and exasperation. “I don't care about some stupid date, I care about you! Idiot.” A small blush crept up Tamamori’s face, clearly a little embarrassed.

Miyata felt himself let out a small smile, glad to be cared for. He really should have known what was most important. Still, he couldn't say he regretted his choice, as the two of them got on the train, Tamamori’s heat seeping over to him where they were connected, knowing how lucky he is. Tamamori let him sleep on his shoulder as they began the ride home.

Sorry for the wait, your turn dusk037
Tags: *team two, fandom: kis-my-ft2, love ranger: aleena_mokoia
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