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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol Snippet

I love this Kyungsoo so much, he's my favourite. I shoehorned him in as a main character solely because I love him so much.

“I have some right here,” Kyungsoo says, leaning over to grab the scissors. He hands them across carefully. “Make sure you don’t cut yourself.”

Jinsol rolls her eyes at his slow movements. “Dad, I’m not five,” she says. “I’m thirteen. I’m not stupid.”

“You say that,” Kyungsoo says. “But your other dad cut himself last week on a pair of scissors, so I don’t think you ever really grow out of it.”

Thanks, Dad,” she says, the sarcasm clear in her voice.

Kyungsoo would tell her off for the tone, but he doesn’t think it’d really help. “What do you need the scissors for?” he asks instead, turning back to his wrapping.

“It’s a secret,” Jinsol says, and then she leaves with the scissors before he can interrogate her further.

He finds a hand-cut card on his bed later that night, wishing them a happy anniversary, and he feels a warm fuzziness inside.

It's you, caterplina!

Note to all team one members and also to Mousi: I will be going on holiday on Saturday for two weeks. I leave softboys as interim captain. I trust her to chase everyone if necessary. :)
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