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[team two] reach for the stars

Team two has gone a whole round with nobody writing anything so I'm starting a new round off fresh with new starting words! It's been so long since I've done any writing at all >_< All I can seem to manage is angst though and I have too many ongoing YutoYama and Taiga related angst fics so I thought I'd try a different angsty pairing >_<

He doesn't know exactly how it ended up as just the two of them, but Fujigaya figures that if he's going to get through this he needs another drink.

“Haven't you had enough?” Kitayama asks him, and Fujigaya tuts, rolling his eyes as he picks up his next shot and tosses it down. He doesn't even know what he's drinking anymore, there's a strong taste of sambuca in his mouth but that could have been from the round they ordered hours ago, it's just one of those drinks that sticks with him.

“Another one.” he says to the bartender, but before he can hand over his money, what appears to be three Kitayama's grab his arm.

“That's enough.”

As Fujigaya's eyes come into focus, Kitayama, the genuine, singular one, narrows his eyes and then Fujigaya feels his body hoisted from his seat and dragged along the hallway to the elevator. The ride up messes with his stomach, making him queasy, but then soon enough he's sprawled across clean hotel linen and he sighs in relief.

“What's wrong with you?” Kitayama spits. Fujigaya can't see him anymore, all he can see is the white of the hotel ceiling as it spins around above him - he'd know that voice anywhere though, it's been tormenting him for half of his life already.

“You are.” Fujigaya mutters under his breath.

“What?” Kitayama asks, and then he's in Fujigaya's line of vision, a very blurry version of him at least and Fujigaya can't help the pout forming on his face at how attractive he looks, even when he is a little fuzzy.

That thought has Fujigaya laughing and even through his drunken haze he sees the way Kitayama fights back a smile. Fujigaya swats at him as he tries to control his breathing “What are you smiling at?” His words come out as muddled as his vision but Kitayama understands.

“It's nice to see you smiling.” Kitayama says, admits Fujigaya thinks, and then the bed dips as Kitayama sits down beside him. “You were always so carefree…up until our debut at least, I miss seeing that side of you.”

In his inebriated state Fujigaya can't even find words to mock him - plan backfired, he thinks as a weight settles over his chest at the meaning behind Kitayama's words.

A more tangible weight settles over his chest the next moment, and then Kitayama's face comes into view, grinning at him from above.

Fujigaya is reminded of how much he hates Kitayama, of how much he hates that stupid smile and the way it makes butterflies whirl around in his stomach. He wants to lean up and kiss that stupid smile away. He wants to kiss Kitayama so bad that it hurts.

“What's wrong?” Kitayama repeats, his voice softer and more concerned and then he's reaching out to wipe away tears from Fujigaya's cheeks that he hadn't even felt.

I miss you too, he wants to say. I love you, more than you could ever know but all that comes out is a sniffle as he turns away from the warmth against his cheek. “Don't touch me.” Even through the added blurriness of tears on top of drunk, Fujigaya can see the hurt in Kitayama's eyes as he sighs and rolls onto his back.

“They always tell you to reach for the stars right?” Kitayama says after minutes of silence. “But that's the funny thing about stars, they're so beautiful and they shine so bright, but no matter how hard you want to reach them...if you ever actually manage to grasp one it'll burn you right up.”

“I'm drunk.” Fujigaya reminds him. “If you get all philo...philosophical...I just...have no fucking idea what you're talking about.”

“I'm talking about you, you idiot.”

Your turn leader faded_lace if you're feeling well enough!

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