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[Team Three] Sightseeing

I totally finished this yesterday and then forgot to post it D:
Anyway, here's more of my stupid yugioh fic, which has less and less plot every time I write more of it

"Don't get into too much trouble!" Ishizu calls out after Ryou and Marik as they start walking away. It's meant to be a casual sendoff, almost motherly, but to Ryou it feels almost sinister considering how trouble has followed them around in the past.

Marik just rolls his eyes and mutters something about overprotective siblings. And then he turns his gaze expectantly towards Ryou, waiting for his guide to begin.

Ryou takes a deep breath to calm his nerves. He's already got a whole route planned out to show Marik the essentials of Domino City. The post office, the good grocery stores, the park in the middle of town, restaurants with the best lunch specials. All of the important stuff. Things Ryou had to learn on his own himself because his father wasn't often around.

The two of them walk down the city's sidewalks mostly in silence, although it's a slightly less awkward one than before. It's almost as if spending more time together makes Ryou desensitized to the memories of the past that keep trying to break his focus.

Or perhaps they're both just having a good day. The weather is nice after all.

Their conversation is mostly small talk, Marik asking a few questions about each place and Ryou answering. There's even a moment when they both laugh as they watch a frantic businessman on a bicycle rush past them only to turn around and speed off again in the opposite direction.

"Must have forgotten how to get to work," Marik jokes as the bicycle speeds out of sight.

They keep walking down the sidewalk when Marik speaks up again. "Is there a good bike shop around here? I mean for like motorcycles and stuff like that."

Ryou stops to think about it. Nothing stands out in his memory. "I'm sure we can find something."

"I've been thinking about buying a motorcycle," Marik explains. He seems more excited at the idea than anything else so far. His whole face looks transformed as he thinks about the prospect, much more innocent and pure. A hobby would probably do him some good.

Would probably do Ryou some good as well. If he could find anything to take an interest in.

He asks about the basics of motorcycles and then listens as Marik explains everything to him. It's fascinating the way Marik talks about it, even if Ryou doesn't know anything about engine specifications and brake fluids and such.

Marik concludes his impromptu lecture with a yawn bursting forth as if it had been trying to escape for a while.

"Sorry," he says. "I don't sleep much at night." The happiness fades as his face reverts back to its usual stoic expression.

"I understand," Ryou says quietly. He doesn't sleep much either.

The nightmares always come back.

Passing the baton to talisa_ahn
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