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[TEAM SIX] unconventionally yours

Yuta always forgot to eat lunch when he was swamped with work. It was a daily occurrence but nonetheless, it was a worrisome habit Jaehyun decided. It was not as if Yuta desired to forget but the stress took its toll and most mornings it was a struggle to pull himself from his warm bed (and consequently, his boyfriend) to prepare a lunch. Even on days he was well prepared he often was not afforded a luxury of the thirty-minute lunch break because he was drowning in piles upon piles of unedited documents waiting for his approval. The salary was good as the creator director of the advertising company but the hours were tough.

It is where Jaehyun stepped in. His hours were a lot more friendly and a lot more flexible. The Japanese male had acquired a taste for Korean food over the years but sometimes his homesickness made him long for the traditional meals he had grown up on. Truthfully, besides loving each other Yuta and Jaehyun shared a love for Japanese cuisine. It isn’t as good as his mother’s but Jaehyun picks up Yuta’s favorite at their usual date night place, hoping it to be seen as a thoughtful gesture knowing the other is probably starving. They haven’t had a night to themselves in such a long time that Jaehyun misses it but he knows they’re both doing what they can to pad their future with comfort and security.

Yuta’s office is at the end of the hall when he steps off the elevator. He smiles at the receptionist who by now knows who he is. He makes sure his boyfriend is not meeting with anyone before he steps into the office. Yuta is bent over his computer, thick framed glasses falling off his delicate nose, and hair a mess as if he had just recently mused through it. He looks up and his tired expression vanishes into something considerably fonder.

His eyes fall down to the takeout bag of food in Jaehyun’s hands and he smiles. “You didn’t have to.”

Jaehyun knows he didn’t have to. He had wanted to. He steps around the other’s desk leaning to give Yuta a small kiss on the top of his messy dark hair before he sits the bag down on his desk. “I just wanted to drop this off on my way home.” He explains, “I know you barely have time to breathe let alone eat so I wanted to save you a few steps if I could.”

Yuta smile brightens as his fingers latch onto Jaehyun’s shirt dragging him down for one more kiss this time on the lips. “How did I get so lucky?” Yuta asks doting one smaller loving peck on his jaw.

“I’ll see you at home tonight, alright? Don’t work too hard and make sure to eat.” Jaehyun murmurs fingers reaching out to smooth his lover’s unruly nest.

“I will make sure I am home on time. Text me that you got home safely. I love you.”

Jaehyun smiles this time. “I love you too.”

Sure, it wasn’t conventional and it was hard at times but somehow they managed to make it work. That was all that mattered, right?

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