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[Team Six] Feelings

Not done at all, but posting anyway since don't have time to finish it ;;

To start using your OS, we’d like to ask you a few basic questions.

It’s the afternoon. The sunset can be seen from Yoongi’s penthouse from the 47th floor of one of the grandest condominiums in the city. The sky is beautiful - a palette of pink, orange and yellow painting the clouds a soft pastel shade. The sun casts shadows on Yoongi’s mahogany flooring, along with a few strewn articles of clothing on the brown leather sofa in the middle of the room.

Yoongi’s expansive living room is bare, as is with the rest of his penthouse. Dozens of boxes pile up by the foyer, waiting for Yoongi to open them and relieve the pain brought about by each memory attached to each item. The wheels on his computer chair squeaks as he settles his elbows on the table, eyes turned towards the computer as he watches the swirling infinity sign above the bright orange background of the software.

How are you?

The voice of the OS is male and a bit too squeaky. It sounds friendly, but not bordering intruding. It reminds Yoongi of a certain someone.

It was a Saturday and Yoongi was still slumped on his office desk, glasses perched precariously on the bridge of his nose. He still had four folders of data to analyze before lunch and he already felt the migraine creeping on his head.

He apologized profusely to Jimin via phone call that he won’t be able to go home because his boss was going to kill him if he couldn’t produce the sales analysis before the week officially ended. Jimin was understanding, cheering for him through a series of cute Kakao Talk stickers.

“How are you?”

It was a familiar voice. A comforting voice he longed for the moment he woke up and as soon as he got home. Jimin was in his jogging outfit as he stood there by Yoongi’s office door. His eyes were shaped like crescents like it always was whenever he smiled. He was around the area, he said. He brought lunch for Yoongi because he knew his baby always forgot to eat lunch when he was swamped with work, he said.

Your turn, junxouji!
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