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[Team Four] Simpler Days

Quick write on aromantic!taekook which I'm hoping to expand later. Apologies for taking a while.

“Simpler days” don’t exist for Kim Taehyung. Whether it’s his peculiarities or his thinking, he finds that his life has never stopped and slowed down. There’s always something to say, do, think. And other people always keep him on his toes. His seeming openness is marked by subtle reservation.

A simple “I’m great” or an elaborate explanation of the previous night to a question of “How are you?” Multiple facts about himself at the ready when questioned. An arsenal of facts to use for guiding conversation. Weird gestures to redirect attention. He has a lot of tricks in his bag.

His latest obstacle is the relentless “Are you and Jungkook boyfriends?” It’s usually asked in a joking manner yet sometimes with uncertainty and lingering aversion. He’s gotten used to it hence his bag of tricks. In return, he has given all sorts of replies.

“We’re friends.” Flat out honesty. It doesn’t work. They get a dubious look after and no one believes.

“What do you think?” Innocent question sometimes, sarcastic on other times. Note, it pisses people.

“He’s my teddy bear!” It’s usually coupled by more cuddling if Jungkook is there or a wide grin and humming when he’s not.

Laughing and plastering himself to Jungkook doesn’t really help his case but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Which brings him to his latest response, “I guess. If that’s how people call us.”

It propagates everyone else’s belief but theirs. Jungkook’s been using the last response before him, quite fed up and somewhat pissy. Between the two of them, he has a lot more patience for other people. Jungkook only seems more patient because Kim Taehyung is special.

In their own world, it’s quiet and safe. It’s far away from people’s expectations and labels. He feels like shedding layers of unease when he comes home to Jungkook in their tiny apartment. He doesn’t have to be the strange, eccentric, overly cuddly, straight Kim Taehyung. He can just be overly cuddly, quirky, aromantic Kim Taehyung. And of course, Jeon Jungkook’s zucchini.

Jungkook can be his own self too. Although most times, Jungkook is already comfortable in his own skin to assert himself in the world beyond their apartment. He can be as over-the-top as Taehyung but Taehyung also likes the calmness they both offer each other. To him, Jungkook can just be calm, sometimes quirky, aromantic Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung’s zucchini.

“Romance is overrated.” Jungkook comments when Taehyung is getting comfortable from class. “Why is it given such importance anyway?”

Someone’s buttons got pushed again. Taehyung shakes his head with a small smile, drawing Jungkook’s head to his lap. “Don’t ask me. I’m as clueless as you are.”

Jungkook shrugs, “It was kind of a rhetorical question.”

“A thinking aloud kind of question? Well you have my answer anyway.” Taehyung cards his fingers through soft hair, whispering “You have me too.”

Taehyung’s hand gets caught by Jungkook. The back presses against Jungkook’s cheek. Their eyes meet and Jungkook replies, “And you have me.”

While their relationship is rarely understood outside of those like them, it’s okay. The closest truth is that they’re friends - special friends. Yet, not in the way people would usually connote “special friends”.

Taehyung doesn’t believe in simpler days because nothing has ever been simple for an aromantic who’s known himself his whole life. He’s an oddball - that’s always been everyone’s truth. And that’s fine. He is. But he gets to be a normal, safe oddball with Jungkook. Simpler days can’t compare to his beautiful ones.

Good luck lotusk!! ♡
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