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[team three] Blurb

In which I start something and don't actually accomplish anything.

“So strong, Yura,” Otabek breathes as he kisses up one of Yuri’s legs. “So beautiful.”

Yuri scowls at that. He feels neither strength nor beauty in the body his latest, and hopefully final, growth spurt has left him with. He moves to kick at his boyfriend, but on reflex tries to use his right leg to do it… the leg he landed badly on at the rink today. He’d known as soon as he lifted into the air that he wasn’t going to land his jump cleanly, but he was mutinous when his body betrayed him even further, poor balance sending him tumbling across the ice.

He’d practically snarled at the first helping hand to reach him. Thankfully it was only Victor, followed closely by Otabek, both of whom weren’t fazed at all when Yuri tried to bite their heads off.

Yuri doesn't regret trying to kick Otabek for saying stupid things that aren't true, but he also doesn't quite manage to prevent the pain from showing on his face and Otabek tsks at him, moving so that he can cradle Yuri comfortably against his own body. With an irritated huff, Yuri turns his face into the crook of Otabek's neck. From where he is sitting, he’s a mess of blisters and angry bruises in an array of colors of progression. He's just lucky that it’s off season. He could be suffering through these infuriating changes while trying to prepare for the GPF or worse, Worlds, but his traitorous body at least waited until after the season was done before screwing him over. It can still screw him over, he thinks bitterly. If he doesn't manage relearn how to do everything again, this could still end him.

At least he has Otabek here, it being off season for them and all. It had taken some persuading and some persistence, but they had been able to convince Yakov to train an additional skater and Otabek had promised his own coach that he would make use of his month in Russia. They'll be sure to make good on their end of the deal, but they know that no one, not Yakov nor Otabek's coach, are dumb enough to not see why both skaters pushed so hard for this.

A month, a full month for them to spend together. It's not even a week in and Yuri is practically living with Otabek in his temporary apartment.

doctoggy, I'm sorry about your starting words.
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