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[Team Five] I made it!

Just an ear worm I needed to start.

“He agrees,” Kyungsoo says.

“He does not,” Baekhyun sputters seeing as he is the he in question. He glares at his companion beside him, wondering why Kyungsoo has the audacity to be smiling at him as if he hasn’t just tried to volunteer Baekhyun to do something stupid.

“Can you give us a moment?” Kyungsoo calmly asks the third person at their table, the one who had walked right up to them with a flash of yellow eyes that gave away what she was. Werewolf. It was a diplomatic, non-threatening way to approach them seeing as Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are also werewolves, and as far as they know, they’re the only two in this city. And that’s the way they like it.

As soon as the unfamiliar werewolf is out of earshot, Baekhyun turns to Kyungsoo, ready to rip into him.

“Before you start yelling and growling and threatening my balls - again - let me calmly remind you that not even a week ago you were whining about how bored you are of this city and that you need a drastic change.” Kyungsoo has that parenting look on his face, the one that demands Baekhyun pay the fuck attention. Baekhyun hates that look.

“I didn’t mean I wanted to join a pack,” Baekhyun snarls.

Contrary to the urban legends about werewolves needing packs to thrive and survive, they are perfectly capable of going at it alone. In fact, there was such a rise of lone wolves a few centuries ago that lone wolves and pack wolves had a falling out. A bloody falling out. Baekhyun is a lone wolf. He’s never felt the need or the desire to chain himself to a pack, which is why he will not be entertaining the idea of doing it now, even if he needs a change.

“It’s not just any pack,” Kyungsoo prods, leaning closer even if none of the humans in this bar are going to be able to hear him. Kyungsoo is just overly cautious.

A pack, the pack - what’s the difference?” Baekhyun quips, bringing his beer to his lips to drain the rest of it, setting the bottle back atop its ring of condensation when he’s finished.

“I guess you won’t know unless you go and see for yourself.”

Baekhyun laughs, leaning over to take Kyungsoo’s half-finished drink and finish it himself. “Not going to happen, Soo,” Baekhyun tells his oldest friend. “Not ever.”

The most horrible thing about the entire conversation isn’t that Kyungsoo tried to throw Baekhyun at the pack wolves, but knowing that once there’s an idea rattling inside Baekhyun’s skull - good or bad - it isn’t going to leave without him investigating it further. Kyungsoo knows that, the little shit. Baekhyun doesn’t get to spend the rest of his evening pretending to get drunk amongst a pile of warm human bodies. No, every thought circles back to the what if presented by the strange werewolf’s offer.

The next Alpha of all the pack wolves - the Alpha of Alphas - is seeking a mate. And she is hoping to find a lone wolf in an effort to bridge the ever widening gap between their peoples. It’s a smart move - Baekhyun will give her that. And it will likely succeed if she finds a lone wolf willing to submit to a pack. Baekhyun just doesn’t think he’s the right one.

And yet the idea persists, like a stubborn itch that he can’t reach.

The werewolf who had approached them had left an address with Kyungsoo. Baekhyun wants the address - out of sheer curiosity at this point - but that entails admitting to Kyungsoo that he’s been properly intrigued. He doesn’t want to be part of a pack, but this whole process of inviting lone wolves to come and meet the woman seeking a mate is an interesting one. Baekhyun wants to see her. He wants to see how many lone wolves will answer.

He wants to know if this crazy idea of a lone wolf being the second most powerful wolf in a pack will come to fruition or if it will cause the right amount of friction to start a fire.

Baekhyun knocks on Kyungsoo’s door at two in the morning. He’s had three days to let all the questions bounce around in his head, three days for his no good curious nature to wrap so tight around his throat that he has to sate it. “You win,” he grunts when Kyungsoo opens the door.

Kyungsoo grins at him, all teeth and arrogance. “I’ll drive.”

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