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[team two] birthday

Some very random and very pointless ficlet in which Yabu and Hikaru operate a small birthing clinic. :3

"Grab onto the siderails. Not so tightly yet, okay," Hikaru instructs.

"That's what it's made for, you know," Yabu adds cheekily. Hikaru's glare didn't stop Yabu from making that comment, and doesn't stop the other man from letting out a snort giggle at his own dumb joke before stepping away from between the woman's parted legs, removing his used glove, and fixing the drapes over her. "Fully dilated and effaced. Let's get this show on the road," he tells both the patient and Hikaru with a wink. "Monitor the progress, Hikaru, I'll handle the DR prep."

Hikaru just rolls his eyes at Yabu's antics, but then his focus shifts on the patient. "Take deep breaths and release slowly through your mouth," he continues. He lays a gentle hand on the patient's tummy, checking for contractions. The contractions are short and far in between, but that'll change soon enough. Hikaru lowers a siderail then helps the patient up from the examination bed.

"Listen, Maika-san, I need you to stay with me here," Hikaru begins as he walks with the patient. "I know it's painful, but when we get to the other room I need you to push when you feel the worst of it." The patient nods with a determination that Hikaru finds cute on her fairly young face, readily tackling this new phase in her life despite her youth.

Yabu looks up from his intsrument table when Hikaru enters the delivery room with their patient, having finished his preparations. They share a nod, their code for a wordless exchange of good luck and I trust you, and together they work on safely delivering a new life.

Your turn, yomimashou.
Tags: *team two, fandom: hey!say!jump, love ranger: dusk037, warning: wtfery ahead
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