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[Team Six] It Started With a Kiss

Taking over since jojibear is skipping this round.

Hello! I am finally semi-free from the clutches of thesis and can write for shiritori again!

Please pray my defense goes well. ;A;

A kiss is how it all started.

Park Jimin touches his lips for the umpteenth time ever since that fated scenario at the Kissing Booth in the local carnival. It’s been two hours since the kiss, but Jimin can remember how it felt like it happened just seconds ago.


He wasn’t even supposed to go to the carnival, but Kim Taehyung happened. His best friend slash constant source of pain in the ass just had to force him to come along with him because “come on, Jimin, come on, Jungkook will be there and I need to see him and talk to him, do your job as a proper wingman!!!”

So Jimin saw himself in the carnival with its overall jolly environment, trailing after an overexcited Taehyung who kept on announcing that he will try all the games and ride all the rides, but not before finding out where Jungkook was.

The thing with Jimin’s best friend is when he crushes, he crushes hard. So when they spotted Jungkook and his hyung lined up at the Kissing Booth, Taehyung all, but dragged Jimin towards them.

The thing with Jimin himself is when he crushes, he tends to shy away. He’d rather crush in the sidelines and let the feels drown him safely in his comfort zone rather than in the presence of his said crush. So when Jimin realized that Yoongi, Jungkook’s absolutely stunning brother, acknowledged their presence, Jimin all, but tried to get away from the clutches of his best friend.

But Taehyung is strong and bull-headed. Which is why Jimin found himself standing awkwardly while Taehyung animatedly chatted with Jungkook and Yoongi. The Kissing Booth in the carnival is hosted by none other than the famous social butterflies in their university, Jung Hoseok and his boyfriend, Kim Seokjin. It’s not your ordinary kissing booth where a kisser is on standby and waits for a lucky soul to pay for their precious kiss. The boyfriends have always shied away from the ordinary anyway. It’s a kissing booth where a person pays to be able to kiss another person who paid as well. You can pay for yourself, but then again where’s the fun in that?

That is how Jimin ended up with his name in the jar of players along with Yoongi and ten other players. Jimin pinched Taehyung on the waist for putting his name, but the latter was too busy flirting with Jungkook to pay attention. At the side, Yoongi stared at Jimin blankly which left the man shifting on his feet, absolutely uncomfortable with the attention he was getting from his crush.

Seokjin and Hoseok’s booth was loud with cheers from its players and their friends. A pop music blared in the background as Hoseok encouraged its small group of watchers to cheer as his boyfriend grabbed random pieces of paper from their jar filled with names. They shouted the names together. They only needed six couples and Jimin was already halfway through releasing a heavy sigh of relief when they reached the fifth couple and his name haven’t been announced yet, but-

“Jimin and Yoongi is our sixth couple!”


Just the memory of his name and Yoongi’s name being mentioned together has Jimin stopping in his tracks and putting a hand over his face in embarrassment. Taehyung registers that his best friend completely stopped walking in the middle of the street and goes back for him.

“What’s wrong, Chimchim?”, he asks nonchalantly as he eats another strip of the cotton candy Jungkook bought for him. It tastes heavenly and super sweet just like the boy who bought it for him. Not that he’s tasted Jungkook before. But he’s pretty sure Jungkook tastes great.

“You. You are what’s wrong with my life,” Jimin sullenly replies. He crouches down on the floor and hides his face on his knees. So what if he’s in the middle of the street and there are people looking at him weirdly, he’s having a crisis here.

“Aww, it’s alright Chimchim, I’m pretty sure Yoongi hyung enjoyed your kiss too,” Taehyung pats Jimin on the head and the latter responds by shoving his best friend on the floor.

Jimin hates Kim Taehyung. He really does.


The look on Jimin’s face when the couple announced his name along with Yoongi was surely priceless. Taehyung and Jungkook clapped him in the back and jumped up and down in excitement. Jimin was panicking; he felt his heart pound against his chest with each second that passed. Taehyung tried to push him towards the stage, but his legs were stuck on the ground. How did his name and Yoongi’s name ended together? Jimin never imagined it could happen in his lifetime, but there it was.

Yoongi was the first one who held his hand. There was a gentle look on his face before he grinned at Jimin and said “Let’s give them one hell of a show, eh?”. And really if there is anything Jimin is weaker for than how weak he is for dogs and little children playing in their neighborhood playground, that is Yoongi’s smile. So he let Yoongi drag him to the stage. They took their position on the farthest right where the couple clapped them both in the back for being such a good sport.

The rules were easy. They just had to kiss on the couple’s cue. Whoever people cheered for the most would win a Hanwoo beef set and that was enough to set the competitive drive in Jimin’s stomach despite the protests of his heart. The other couples started kissing and Jimin started sweating. He felt the sweat accumulate on his palms and he felt queasy - What if Yoongi hates the way he kiss? What if his breath smells bad? What if he has dirt on his face and Yoongi would just pretend not to see it so they can get the Hanwoo beef set?

“Hey, you okay?” Yoongi’s voice was gruff. His hands were inside his jeans pockets, but Jimin could see them fumbling for the excess thread in it. Jimin nodded although all he wanted to do was run away from Yoongi as far as his feet would have allowed him. Yoongi must have felt Jimin’s nervousness and tapped him on the should. “Calm down, it’s just a kiss,” Yoongi said.

To Yoongi, maybe it was just a kiss. But it wasn’t just any kiss for Jimin. It was the first kiss he shared with the guy he’s been crushing on for the past 3 years ever since Jimin first saw Yoongi on the hallway of his university dormitory. Yoongi had black hair back then and he looked scrawny beside his roommate, Kim Namjoon, as Jimin watched them engage in an conversation about a certain topic on their 7AM philosophy class. One could call it love at first sight, but Jimin knew Yoongi is a special kind of crush the moment his heart started beating rapidly the moment they first exchanged looks.

Fast forward to 3 years after and Jimin found himself waiting for the couple before them to finish kissing. Everything felt blurry and he most certainly felt a little bit deaf with only the pounding on his chest the only thing he heard throughout the less than a minute it took for the couple to finish kissing. The couple before them merely pecked and Jimin decided that he can just peck Yoongi on the lips and get it over and done with. Hanwoo beef set be damned.

Seokjin and Hoseok moved on both sides of Yoongi and Jimin. There was a quick interview of sorts, Jimin’s mind was too dizzy with the idea that Holy shit, he’s going to kiss Yoongi. The very same Yoongi he’s had a crush on for years. He’s going to kill Kim Taehyung. He’s going to kick his sorry non-existent ass the moment he gets off this platform and throw him onto a pond. He’s going to- Then Jimin felt a hand on his waist, angling him towards said person’s front.

“You ready?” Yoongi whispered.

Jimin wanted to ask what he’s supposed to be ready for. They were just supposed to peck. Nothing more, nothing less. But then Yoongi’s lips landed on Jimin’s already. They felt soft and tasted a little bit of the peppermint lip balm Jimin always saw Yoongi put on his lips. Jimin was rendered stone-like by Yoongi’s abrupt move, but he quickly melted and closed his eyes the moment Yoongi’s hands snaked its way to his neck and pulled him close.

It was like they weren’t in public. Or that there were dozens watching them kiss for the very first time. Jimin saw nothing, but Yoongi. Jimin felt nothing, but Yoongi. It was just Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi. The older man teased Jimin’s lips open with his tongue and Jimin quickly responded by tilting his head a little bit and opening his mouth which allowed Yoongi to deepen the kiss. Jimin felt confident by that move. He settled his left hand on Yoongi’s shoulder while his right hand playfully tugged on Yoongi’s hair.

It seemed to press a button on Yoongi. He became more aggressive with the way he kissed, pulling Jimin closer to him till their bodies are pressed closed together. Jimin’s eyes shot open because Yoongi was hard. He felt it and tried to get away from Yoongi’s hold, but the latter was insistent. Jimin felt all the blood rush to his cheeks and he felt dizzy because Yoongi was kissing him, Yoongi was hard for him, Yoongi felt something for him.

But all good things have to come to an end.

Yoongi and Jimin were yanked apart by Seokjin and Hoseok. The crowd roared for them and the other couples just stared wide eyed. It was clear they won the beef set. Yoongi gave it to Jimin who took it with a heavy heart. He watched as Yoongi wiped saliva of his mouth while he stared back hungrily at Jimin.

Jimin gulped and ran away from the scene as fast as he can.


So this is how Park Jimin ended up at the other end of the carnival where there are less happenings and more unwinding. He sits himself on one of the empty benches and cradles the heavy Hanwoo beef set in his arms. It feels like he won more than a beef set, but does he really want his reward? He sighs and wonders how he’s going to torture Taehyung for landing him in such a situation.

Jimin just kissed his longtime crush. And said longtime crush got hard in the process. Just the thought alone has Jimin squirming in his seat, eyes scrunching close and feet stomping against the dirt. He wants to scream out loud because it feels like his heart is going to explode, but he can’t afford anymore weird looks from the people around him. It’s bad enough he and Taehyung got reprimanded by creating a scene earlier. At least now he’s alone with his heavy thoughts and heavy Hanwoo beef set.

“I finally found you.”

Or so Jimin thinks.

He furiously closes his eyes to a point that he can already see white spots in hopes that the familiar voice goes away. What has Jimin done to deserve this. He’s been nothing, but good to children. He never forgets to pet his neighbor’s dog. He pays his bills on time and even lets Taehyung copy his homework. Jimin does not deserve this kind of fate. He just does not.

Jimin feels the Hanwoo beef set being taken away which renders him to open his eyes to see a dishevelled Yoongi sitting beside him and placing the Hanwoo beef set on the floor. There’s just a few centimeters space between the two of them and if truth be told, Jimin wants to close the gap and continue kissing Yoongi. He wants to continue where they left off and slowly lick the peppermint lip balm off Yoongi’s lips. But who is he really to do that?

“How’d you find me?” Jimin mutters. He can feel his palm get sweaty again; has he always been like this? He doesn’t even feel this panicky when he reports for class.

“Met Taehyung and he told me you ran towards here” Yoongi briefly explains.

There’s an awkward tension in the air as the two of them look everywhere except at each other. The chaos in the middle part of the carnival is just a mere echo in this part of the carnival. It’s almost evening and Jimin fondly looks at the beautiful sunset before him, a palette of orange, pink, violet and yellow littering the sky above. It’s been so long since he last saw a sunset.

“I’ve always liked you, you know,” It’s almost a whisper, but Jimin hears it loud and clear. He looks at Yoongi who just continues staring at the sunset. Well, if he wants to do it that way, Jimin can happily oblige. “Ever since I saw you when you first moved in the dorms, I found you interesting. I mean, Jimin,” Yoongi sounds exasperated and Jimin watches as his long time crush pulls his hair in frustration. “Jimin, you’re the kindest and sweetest person I know and just- you frustrate me so much. I always try to make a move on you, but you always run away and really, I had to seek the help of everyone just to make you realize how much I like you and just-”

Jimin listens to Yoongi and slowly digests every single word the man says and it finally dawns on him.

“You set it up? The kissing booth was set up?”

Jimin’s voice is incredulous, but there isn’t really any bite on it. He’s just speechless Yoongi would go through such lengths just to make him notice how Yoongi feels.

“Well, how else could I be close to you without you running away from me?”

Yoongi looks at Jimin seriously and for the first time since he started having a crush on the older man, Jimin wants to do something outrageous.

He pulls Yoongi by the shirt and kisses him. It’s not a shy kiss or is it a rough kiss. Jimin is gentle as he sucks on Yoongi’s lower lip and angles his head to let the older man have better access on his mouth. Yoongi’s tongue plays in Jimin’s mouth and he tastes like peppermint and Jimin finds himself getting addicted to it. They kiss for what seems like minutes till they’re forced to stop to catch their breath. Jimin settles his forehead with Yoongi’s while he relaxes.

Jimin likes Yoongi and Yoongi likes Jimin.

The idea alone makes Jimin smile to himself.

“You could have just kissed me the first time we met.”

This is originally a yoonseok fic idea, but I decided to just write sugamin. My very first sugamin and I actually like it :3

P.S. Let’s be real, the Hanwoo beef set is the real main character here.

junxouji, you are next!

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