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[TEAM ONE] blank (space)

this drabble idea came to me spontanously, but i might work on this AU and turn this into a full fic later?
warning: hints at discrimination and violence/abuse

"Down here! Hurry!"

Jongin is slightly annoyed by the shrill voice of his panicked neighbor, but he supposes it's not unfounded to be scared and worried in this kind of situation. The city people here are rather cruel and hostile towards shapeshifters, regarding them as filth, so if Chanyeol and Jongin don't quicken up and arrive by the poor feline shapeshifter caught in a trap, most likely set up by an especially heartless individual, the poor thing might be further hurt by exactly that heartless individual. Jongin has a guess who that person might be but shakes off the thought to focus on the task at hand.

Being a veterinarian, Jongin has always loved all kinds of animals and animal likes creatures. Humans could be so cruel and disgusting, hurting each other and their environment, and thus Jongin had long turned away from society, only letting a few good friends, all of them good people with a spacious heart that is open to all living things in the world, meet up with him during his spare free time. At work, luckily, he doesn't have to deal with customers as much as with their lovely pets.

When Chanyeol called him earlier tonight, Jongin had left the house immediately despite having set foot into his own four walls just minutes ago, tired from work. His passion and devotion to rescue others had outweighed the exhaustion, fatigue fading away as adrenaline rushed into his system.

"He's here," Chanyeol half whispers, half yells, and Jongin winces at the gruesome sight. The poor creature must have tried to climb the fence that looked harmless but was secured by an electro shock system installed at the top that would only go off when coming into contact with it at a height of two meters or above. Jongin frowns, knowing that recently, more and more people have installed such a security system to keep stray animals away.

"Poor thing," Jongin whispers. His heart is clenching painfully at the little whimpers coming from a thin, clearly malnourished boy with a skintone so naturally clear and ivory it would make any female jealous. If it weren't for the white ears half hidden by a blond mop of hair, one could have mistaken him for a human. A shapeshifter staying in his human form with feline traits still showing means no good though. It means that they are too weak to maintain their stronger animal form.

"Don't move," Jongin tells the boy who has raised his head to glare at him, and despite the darkness around, the street lamp gives enough lumination for Jongin to see the clear blue color of the shapeshifter's eyes. Pretty is his first thought, but he shakes his head as if he could shake that thought off like that.

“I called Jongin here to help you,” Chanyeol adds in when the feline hisses at them with raised ears, a clear sign of distrust and aggression. Jongin won’t be surprised if this boy would shift and claw at them now before fleeing. He can see the squirming though, and from the crouched position he can tell that the boy must still be in a lot of pain. It’s almost a miracle that he’s still alive.

“He’s a vet,” Chanyeol continues blabbering. “And he has more empathy towards animals, hybrids and shapeshifters than he has towards fellow human beings. Though, he prefers pups over kitties.”

“Chanyeol!” Jongin seethes. He can hear the sounds of barking from afar, but apart from that, the lights are turned on. The owners of the house where the shapeshifter has tried to slip in must be alarmed, so they need to get out of here as quick as possible before the feline might be punished for his crime.

“Let’s get away from here. Chanyeol, you need to buy us some time.”

Despite the clear sounds of disapproval, Jongin wastes no time in pulling the boy up. He is too light for his height, but even so it will be difficult to move forward quickly. Chanyeol has to heave the feline up on Jongin’s back so he can leave the scene as quickly as possible.

Surprisingly, the feline didn’t fight. He just let Jongin run away with him, and only when he arrives in the safety of his own apartment does Jongin finally understand the reason why. The boy has fallen asleep, but the breathing rhythm is too quick and unsteady for it to be a restful sleep.

Jongin places the boy down on his own bed without hesitation and slowly pulls off the ragged pants and shirt to closely examine his patient and cleaning him up. He feels sorry for waking the shapeshifter, but there are a few open wounds that need to be disinfected and bandaged, and sadly, all antiseptics burn. The kitten – his cat ears and tail are still there – is hissing at him again, and if Chanyeol didn’t come back to help holding the other down, Jongin might have to fight with and worsen the other’s condition.

“Just a little bit more,” Jongin murmurs, thankful for his friend who is quietly mumbling reassuring and comforting words to the other, one hand still holding the kitten down just in case he might want to get up and run again. The other hand is lightly caressing the shapeshifter’s head and ears, drawing a few content mewls in between soft whimpers.

By the time Jongin has finished tending to the injured boy and putting away his first aid kit, said boy has fallen asleep. Chanyeol is standing by the bed and watching with a sorrowful expression, mirroring what Jongin is feeling deep in his heart.

“I don’t understand why people can’t be more kind-hearted to the weak,” Chanyeol mumbles and looks at Jongin. “I think I understand you a bit better now. A lot of people are disgusting. They’re not humane.”

Jongin gives a feeble smile. “You’re tired, hyung. You should go rest as well. I’ll take good care of him, so tomorrow morning, you can come pay a visit.”

Chanyeol checks the time on his phone and nods.

“Try to get some sleep as well,” the older says and pats Jongin’s shoulder before leaving.

But how could Jongin sleep? He is feeling bad for the feline although he is not at fault for the poor creature’s misery. It’s mankind and modern society in general who cause so many bad things to happen. If only Jongin was more influential then he could-

He’s being woken from his reverie when he hears a quiet whimper, this time an equally pained as frightened one. The shapeshifter is staring at him with wide eyes, so Jongin moves back slowly, not wanting to intimidate.

“Are you hungry?” He asks, keeping his voice quiet and gentle. “Would you like some warm milk with honey?”

It’s the best Jongin could offer with his limited culinary skills and experience, so when the feline nods after a moment of hesitation, Jongin tells the boy to stay there while he is preparing the drink.

He fully expects the boy to run as he is being occupied in the kitchen, but the feline is still there. His eyes are a bit darker now, a bit less dead, but that doesn’t mean he’s better. Jongin watches as the boy drinks up the whole cup in one long gulp and offers his own cup that the boy hastily takes as if scared of being denied in the end.

“You should sleep now,” Jongin says after making sure that the boy has everything he needs. “Oh, and before I go, would you tell me your name?”

The boy stares at him with an indecipherable expression. Jongin waits, but gives up after five minutes of silence. He leaves to let the boy rest for the night.

“Sehun. Thanks a lot, Jongin.”

“He left,” Chanyeol says, looking and sounding equally disappointed. “I should have known that. Their hatred towards us goes deeper than we could ever imagine. Do you think he’ll come back? He didn’t even say thank you.”

“Who knows,” Jongin hums. He doesn’t tell Chanyeol that he has seen a white kitten lingering around the fire escape.

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