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[Team 7] Hamster in Russian is Not Hamster

This isn't getting any less stupid and I should be writing exchange fic.

Out of all the things Otabek had brought to move in with Yuri, the hamster was the most ridiculous in Yuri's opinion.

"Be honest," Yuri said, eyeing the small bundle of black fur sitting calmly on Otabek's shoulder. "You drove the entire way here in a rented car just because you couldn't put the hamster on an airplane, didn't you?"

"It's not the only reason," Otabek answered, pressing his lips together like he did when he was trying not to smile. "Somebody had to bring practical apartment things. Somebody who owns more than one mug."

"You're Mr. Practicality, all right," Yuri grumbled. "You could have left that thing with your sister."

"Never." Otabek reached up to scoop the hamster off his shoulder and cupped it to his chest with one hand, scratching it behind the ears with the thumb and forefinger of his other hand. The hamster's whiskers twitched, but it was otherwise calm, comfortable in Otabek's hands. "If you came to Almaty for months, you wouldn't leave your cat."

"That's not the same thing," Yuri started. Just then the cat showed up as if she knew they were talking about her, back arched and tail flicking back and forth as she sauntered over to Otabek and looked up at him expectantly.

"Ah, come out to say hello at last?" Otabek asked, sinking down to his haunches to stroke the cat's back. She gave a satisfied Mrrrrrr. "I missed you too, princess."

"Watch it," Yuri reminded sharply as the cat noticed the hamster still cupped to Otabek's chest and leaned forward to sniff curiously. "She's gonna have him for a snack. She's always bringing me dead mice."

"She never would," Otabek said, then a firm, "No," just as the cat was reaching out with a paw. Giving Otabek a look, she put her paw back down. "Mishka is a friend, not food or a toy, understand?"

"She's not going to listen to that," Yuri said dismissively, which was exactly why the cat sniffed the hamster delicately and then turned her head away as if entirely uninterested. "Ugh, you traitor."

"That's my girl," Otabek praised, ignoring Yuri's jealous huff. Another pass of Otabek's hand and she flopped on her side, showing her belly. "Nice to see one of my flatmates doesn't hesitate to show her feelings."

"That's because she's a harlot." Yuri nudged at Otabek's hip with his foot, trying to overbalance him, but Otabek was like a rock, solid and low-centered. Otabek was also ruffling the cat's belly fur, making her purr like a jet engine, obviously ignoring Yuri just to make him crazy. "I didn't ask you to move in just so you could seduce my cat, you know."

Otabek looks over his shoulder just long enough for Yuri to see the edge of his smirk, and that's when Yuri belatedly remembers: Otabek thinks it's adorable when Yuri's jealousy shows. So he's only digging his own grave deeper. Instead of arguing further, Yuri crouches down beside Otabek and snaps a picture, angled so that Otabek's hand cupped around the hamster is in the foreground, the cat's disinterested stare just behind.

[introducing the pets #thisismycat #itiseatingbekashamster] Yuri hits post, marginally satisfied.

"Fuck off," Otabek said, reading over his shoulder and rolling his eyes at Yuri's jab about his inability to caption his hamster with any sort of decent tags.

"What?" Yuri asked, making his eyes big and innocent.

Otabek casually shoves Yuri, tipping him over with a yelp onto his ass. Somehow he has his phone already out, like a magician, and Yuri scowls as he hears the click of the camera.

[This is my boyfriend.] Otabek's SNS reads ten seconds later. [He'll be eating my dust at practice tomorrow.]


Next up is kira_shadow!
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