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[team one] sequins

Cha-Jung family wip. Dads Hakyeon and Taekwoon with their kids Mimi (Gugudan) and Sanghyuk.

"This is different," Hakyeon says, arms full with clean towels right from the dryer. He's standing in the open door between their hallway and the bathroom, pausing in his movements because he just discovered his son, standing on the toilet lid, a pink tulle skirt pulled clumsily over his diaper, covering his front but not quite his butt. On his upper body he's wearing a sequined, purple tank top. Hakyeon is pretty sure none of the items belong to him.

From where he's standing on the toilet, Sanghyuk can see himself in the mirror over the sink on the opposite wall. In his chubby hands he's got something Hakyeon only can identify as lipgloss. Sanghyuk's lips are shining with it. His cheeks, eyelids and fingers also.

"Sanghyuk, sweetie," Hakyeon begins, placing the towels on the counter next to the sink, he can put them away later. As if struck by lighting, Sanghyuk falls onto his butt with a soft thump, letting go of the sticky lipgloss, that falls onto the floor, leaving glittery pink spots against Hakyeon's white bathroom tiles.

"Bad," Sanghyuk says immediately, hiding his face in his chubby, sticky palms. Hakyeon is by his side in a second, kneeling to get down on Sanghyuk's level. Gently, he pries Sanghyuk's hands away from his face, tries to keep himself from frowning when he sees that there's lipgloss in Sanghyuk's bangs, on his eyelashes as well.

Sanghyuk just bathed.

"Did you ask Mimi before you borrowed her clothes?" Hakyeon asks gently, brushing some of Sanghyuk's black locks behind his ear. Sanghyuk looks at him somberly, shaking his head.

"Now that's not very nice sweetie," Hakyeon chides softly.

"No," Sanghyuk agrees sadly. "Ask noona!"

"Yes, maybe you should ask noona, hmm?" Hakyeon says, to which Sanghyuk nods eagerly. "You shouldn't take anything from your sister's part of the room without asking, sweetie."

So Sanghyuk lets Hakyeon pick him up, for once. Sometime in May, Sanghyuk had been reluctant to let Hakyeon and Taekwoon carry him, exclaiming that he wasn't a baby anymore and didn't need to be carried. He had been even stricter about it after turning three. That's why Hakyeon keeps his mouth shut when Sanghyuk tangles his lipgloss-sticky fingers in his white, linen shirt. It's a small thing to be happy for, he knows, but he can't not smile and press a kiss to the crown of Sanghyuk's messy, black hair when Sanghyuk clings to him and hides his face in Hakyeon's neck.

Hakyeon forgets the towels and takes Sanghyuk with him out of the bathroom, down the hall and into the kitchen/living room where Hakyeon knows he saw Taekwoon. And he is of course right. Sitting by the table, open newspaper lying forgotten on the table next to a cup that Hakyeon knows is filled with hot coffee, Taekwoon is busy braiding Mimi's long, black hair. She's balancing on one of his thick thighs, Taekwoon's phone in her tiny fingers.

Mimi notices them first.

"Sanghyukie you are so pretty!" she squeals, eyes glittering as she takes in Sanghyuk's outfit. Taekwoon looks at them over Mimi's head and a smile threatens to split his face in half. Hakyeon's heart jumps in his chest, his lungs feeling as if they're filled with butterflies as he basks in the light of Taekwoon's smile. Taekwoon is very self-conscious about his smile, he often chooses to hide his face when he does. But like this, in their home with their two children, Taekwoon is unguarded and relaxed.

Hakyeon falls even further in love.

Mimi is in her costume now, Hakyeon notices. Before he had gone outside to fetch the towels from the drying rack she had been chasing their cat Leo around the house, trying to get him to wear her tiara. Hakyeon remember seeing Leo in Mimi's rainbow satin skirt once. It's a miracle the cat still let them pet him.

"You're pretty too!" Sanghyuk says somewhat shyly, totally out of character. His face is still mostly hid in Hakyeon's neck; Hakyeon can feel him speak against his skin.

"I told you that you'd be pretty in that skirt, didn't I?" Mimi squeals, making to jump off Taekwoon's lap until Taekwoon murmurs something that makes her stay put.

"Wait, you told him to wear this?" Hakyeon says, very amused as Sanghyuk squirms in his arms. Still, it doesn't seem like he wants out of Hakyeon's hold, as he still clings to him.

"You look pretty," Taekwoon says in the soft, somber voice of his, eyes so very fond as he looks at Sanghyuk. He finishes Mimi's braid, Hakyeon can tell, as she pulls her long, braided hair over her shoulder. Taekwoon has fastened the hair with a blue hair tie and added some blue pieces of fabric to make it look like sea grass.

Mimi's theater and dance group are putting on a The Little Mermaid play, and thus they all have to be dressed up like sea creatures, fish or merpeople. As both Taekwoon and Hakyeon are hopeless when it comes to sewing, they had recruited Taekwoon and Hakyeon's long time friend Eunji to sew Mimi's outfit. It had however turned out that Eunji is as bad as Taekwoon and Hakyeon at sewing so they had kindly talked Eunji's girlfriend Bomi into sewing it, in exchange for a weekend of babysitting.

Bomi and Eunji booked a weekend trip to somewhere, Japan, in October. Namjoo and Hayoung are scheduled to stay at Taekwoon and Hakyeon's for four days. It will be a good time to see if they can deal with more than two kids at the same time. By they, Hakyeon means himself. Taekwoon is a kindergarten teacher and can deal with thousands of kids screaming for his attention at the same time.

Hakyeon, not so much.

"Daddy, look!" Mimi's voice guides his train of thoughts back to the station, brings him back to his kitchen where Mimi has jumped down from Taekwoon's lap and is currently twirling, oh so carefully to show off her mermaid outfit. It consists of a long, teal skirt that's sequined and formed as a tail, but with a hole between the flippers for Mimi to put her feet through. Hakyeon had wanted her to wear a sweater since it's August and it could potentially be cold, but Eunji had just rolled her eyes at him and patted his cheek fondly, telling him that Bomi had it under control. Instead of that sweater, Mimi is wearing a t-shirt, purple, also sequined, with shells glued to her front.

"I look like Ariel, daddy!" Mimi squeals happily. She stumbles across the room, holding her arms out in front of her, as if she's swimming. Sanghyuk squirms more now, tugging at Hakyeon's shirt and hair with his hands.

"Down, daddy, down!"

Since oneforyourfire is without internet atm, i'm skipping her turn for her, so harujongin, you're up! ^v^
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